Double Up On This Ingredient For Unbeatable Fried Eggs

sunny side up fried eggs
sunny side up fried eggs - MaximT/Shutterstock

How do you like your eggs? Some swear by frying their eggs in butter, while others won't use anything but oil. But what if both parties are onto something in this scenario? If you like your eggs crispy fried with a liquid gold yolk, you should try doubling up on frying fats to achieve an amazing result.

That's right -- combining rich, flavorful butter with oil is the key to an unbeatable fried egg. But not just any oil works here, vegetable oil is the right choice for this method since it has a high smoke point. This ensures the eggs fry quickly without overcooking the yolk, all while the egg absorbs the rich butter flavor. Keep in mind that using these two fats may not make your eggs as super crispy as using just oil. You might want to try the olive oil technique for perfectly crispy fried eggs if that's more your style. But with this method, the buttery richness makes the eggs next-level delicious.

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The Frying And Steaming Combo Technique That Helps Elevate Fried Eggs

butter melting in pan
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Just as the specific kind of oil used to fry eggs matters, the exact order you add the oil and butter to your hot pan matters too. If you've ever used just butter to fry an egg, perhaps you've noticed how easily the butter melts away or worse, burns before your egg even hits the pan. But this technique involves adding the vegetable oil first to the pan. The vegetable oil can take a lot of heat, so once it starts smoking, you can quickly add in the butter and the egg.

The egg will immediately fuse with the melting butter, while the hot oil starts cooking them up. If you dread the possibility of breaking the yolk when flipping eggs, simply cover the pan with a lid to cook the eggs from all sides in the steam. The whites will start to stiffen up, but keep an eye on it, as you don't want the yolks to overcook.

Other Unforgettable Upgrades To Your Fried Eggs

cracking eggs into pan with oil
cracking eggs into pan with oil - Gmvozd/Getty Images

Your upgraded fried egg will now be bursting with flavor all on its own, but you can find unique ways to serve it that complement the egg's buttery flavor. There are many dishes you can top with a fried egg that add a little extra protein or bring extra indulgence to a meal. Fried eggs are delicious on top of burgers or sandwiches, with the runny yolk coating every bite. The same goes for pizza, with cheesy, buttery goodness all coming together for a rich, savory bite.

If you enjoy infusing your egg with buttery flavor with this technique, why not take it to the next level and experiment with other unique flavors? Try frying your eggs in pickle juice for a bright burst of acidity to balance the richness. You can use the same butter and vegetable oil frying technique, adding in a dash of juice from your favorite pickle jar right at the end. Whether you decide to keep it standard or make it fun, you're sure to enhance your fried eggs' flavors by doubling up on fats.

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