Don't miss the Aldi olive trees – at just £18.99 they're an affordable way to add Mediterranean style to gardens

 Patio area with white clapboard house exterior with sofa and potted Aldi olive trees.
Patio area with white clapboard house exterior with sofa and potted Aldi olive trees.

Shoppers will all be trying to get their hands on the affordable Aldi olive trees this week – after their much-anticipated return to stores.

The epitome of Mediterranean-style gardens the olive tree is a valuable addition for outdoor spaces, welcoming height when planted in borders and beds and adding chic decorative foliage to a deck, patio or balcony with a potted solution.

Wherever they are positioned or planted one thing is for sure, a statuesque olive tree welcomes a touch of elegance to help make the exterior of your house look expensive.

And speaking of expensive, usually, these established trees can prove costly to buy - until you find them on sale in the middle aisle of Aldi for a very reasonable price of £18.99 each.

Like the return of the sellout Aldi rattan corner sofa, the trees will only be around while stocks last – so there's no time to delay if you want to pick up a pot.

Potted olive tree against a white clapperboard house exterior
Potted olive tree against a white clapperboard house exterior

Olive trees are beautiful evergreen trees, with gorgeous sage green foliage on display all year round, displaying delicate creamy white flowers in late spring and can even produce small olive fruits if the climate is sufficient.

To produce olives the plant needs very hot and dry summers - which in recent years has been hit and miss. So you might still be better off popping a jar of pitted olives into your basket while you're in Aldi just to be safe.

These magnificent trees vary wildly in price from retailer to retailer. in a garden centre, you may be looking at paying anywhere up to £500 for large established trees. But typically the size of the Aldi trees tends to cost far less, like this example of 170cm Tuscan Olive tree from Sutton Manor Nursery which is £184.

Aldi's Roots & Blooms Olive Trees are £18.99 each, only available in stores - not sold online sadly.

Like many we were alerted to the return of said trees thanks to an Instagram post that acts like a public service announcement by @ homeslovehighstreet which serves to let followers know about the best buys on the high street – as and when they launch.

The reel entitled 'ALDI'S OLIVE TREES ARE BACK' has aamassed a staggering 1.2 million views, 467 comments and 8,595 likes (and counting a clear indication that the Aldi olive trees are a big deal

Affordable olive tree alternatives...

If you don't manage to pick up one of these stunning trees in your local Aldi there are affordable alternatives you can buy...

Potted olive tree in a garden
Potted olive tree in a garden

Standard Olive Tree

RRP: £39.99 | Similar to the Aldi olive trees this plant offering is delivered as an established standard tree in an 18cm pot, approx. 80cm tall, ready to plant. The statuesque tree is ideal nestled amongst your best patio container plants to add height and definition.

olive tree beside a bright blue front door
olive tree beside a bright blue front door

B&Q Olive Tree

RRP: £49 | The medium-sized potted plant supplied by Thompson & Morgan is only 80-90cm in size, sourced in a standard 2-4 litre pot. Of course, you can choose to repot this into your garden to allow it to grow bigger, or similarly keep it petite in a pot situated on a patio or balcony.

potted olive tree on a balcony
potted olive tree on a balcony

Olea Europa Large Mediterranean Olive Tree

RRP: £79.99 £59.99 | This olive tree is currently on sale, making it all the more affordable. Standing between 170-190cm in height this taller tree will look spectacular in a pot flanking a front door or dressing a patio.

With regards to caring for an olive tree, luckily they are pretty low maintenance. "Olive trees love a spot in full sun with good drainage. They are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant when established, and also evergreen," explains our resident gardening expert Holly Crossley.

"Olives make attractive patio container plants, but can benefit from being moved into a sheltered, frost-free space over winter. It's possible to grow them indoors year-round if you provide plenty of light."

To give your olive trees the best source of nutrients to thrive we suggest feeding them with a dedicated food source. A liquid concentrate is ideal for giving olive trees of any size and age a boost of vital nutrients for better growth and a healthier, more dense coverage of foliage.

Vitax Ltd 6OTL1 Liquid Olive Tree Feed Concentrate, £9.95, Amazon

This specialist plant feed is enough to make up to 50 watering cans full, to ensure you can feed your trees for a substantial amount of time.View Deal