Domino's Just Introduced Its Own Version of Pizza Hut's Discontinued Fan Favorite

A pizza so nice, they named it twice.



It feels as though the pizza chain wars are never-ending. Dominos' introduced Emergency Pizzas—free pizzas sent as backup when your other dinner plans burn, fall short, or just plain stink. Pizza Hut countered with Goodbye Pies, free breakup pizzas with a spicy kick to mimic the sting of rejection. When one chain introduces an epic calzone, the other lands in headlines with miniature pizza "puffs"; and let's not even talk about the stuffed crusts we've seen over the years.

But now, Domino's has a brand-new menu item that feels like it's a direct hit at a fan favorite that Pizza Hut heartbreakingly discontinued. Did Domino's just fill the hole the Big New Yorker left in our hearts? We investigate.

Domino's Introduces New York Style Pizza

This week, Domino's announced a new pizza on menus nationwide: the New York Style Pizza. If you're thinking, "How can it be that Domino's has never had a New York-style pizza on menus before?!," you're onto something, because it has.

Domino's introduced one back in 2006, but dubbed it Brooklyn Style Pizza, which was on the menu until as recently as a few months ago (according to some social media users). It appears that Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza has been discontinued to make room for the new New York Style Pizza. So what are the differences between the two?

Like its Brooklyn Style Pizza, Domino's new New York Style Pizza is a thin-crust pizza with tomato sauce and a blend of melty mozzarella and provolone. It's also cut into six extra-large, foldable slices instead of the traditional eight (like the Brooklyn Style and the Big New Yorker). So is there even a difference?

One Instagram commenter pondered the same, writing, "So wait all you did was change it from 'Brooklyn' style to 'New York' style[?]" Another commenter responded, "I work at Domino's coming up to my 2 year anniversary...Before, we'd make the Brooklyn pizzas with a small dough patty [and now] we just make the medium dough patty and stretch it to a large screen. That's all it is."

Whether it's a new pizza or just a rebrand is still up for discussion, but Domino's is giving us something undeniably worth celebrating: great deals. To celebrate the New York Style Pizza, customers can get a large three-topping New York Style Pizza for $10.99 or take advantage of a Mix & Match Deal wherein you can order any two or more menu items (including medium two-topping New York Style Pizzas) for just $6.99 each. Whatever you want to call it, there's never been a better time to try the pizza so nice, Domino's named it twice.

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