Does Nespresso Have A Rewards Program For US Customers?

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Nespresso has made gourmet coffee at home a breeze with its sleek and easy-to-use machines and flavor-packed capsules. Whereas direct competitor Keurig provides a similar experience, users are limited to cups of what is essentially drip coffee; Nespresso opens up the world of espresso and espresso-based drinks at the touch of a button. But that luxury comes at a price with Nespresso's capsules typically being more expensive than Keurig's K-cups. This has led some U.S. customers to wonder if Nespresso offers a rewards or loyalty program for customers who consistently purchase their coffee from the brand.

In short, the answer is no, but it gets a bit more complex upon analysis. Nespresso does offer a loyalty program in other parts of the world. Writing on the subreddit r/Nespresso, a customer in Portugal reports that the company offers a relatively robust spread of perks for those who commit to certain purchase levels. Those include free capsules, mugs and cups, de-scaling materials, and capsule holders which are available at different levels.

Rewards for U.S. Nespresso drinkers are a bit underwhelming, according to another Redditor on the same thread. They point to the fact that all that is offered currently is a discount on a sleeve of capsules when eight to 10 sleeves are purchased, or a free sleeve when seven sleeves are ordered on a recurring basis every month. Further, the ability to try new flavors is limited within this program, they report.

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A Matter Of Perception And Business

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Why doesn't Nespresso offer its customers in the U.S. as generous a rewards program as it does in Portugal? First, the answer may be relative. What is a good deal to one person may be less-so to another based on their coffee intake, household size, and position on the expense. As the U.S.-based Redditor admits, there are perks for orders over a certain size, they just feel it doesn't work well for them. Second, unlike Keurig's K-cups, which are produced by other manufacturers, Nespresso holds a monopoly on the production of its patented capsules. With customers forced to turn to it for the product, it just doesn't behoove the company to slash the price.

That said, Nespresso has other programs meant to incentivize loyalty and brand ambassadorship in the U.S. Every customer has a unique referral number that they are encouraged to pass along to family and friends. If a Nespresso machine is purchased with that code attached, the purchaser receives a discount of $40 and a free capsule dispenser. Meanwhile, the code holder gets $10 off a purchase of five or more sleeves. Whether this is a screaming good deal or a bit on the chintzy side is all in the perception of the Nespresso drinker.

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