How does Firefly Lane season two part one end? The finale explained

firefly lane ending explained
How does Firefly Lane season two part one end?Getty Images

Firefly Lane landed back in our Netflix queues this week, dropping us right back into Kate and Tully's tumultuous friendship.

The series tracks the two women across multiple decades, with season one leaving things on a frustrating cliffhanger over Kate and Tully's fall out.

As for season two, there have been even more surprising plot develops in S2 part one - from the reason behind the pair's argument, to heartbreaking news for Kate. There's still more to come in series two part two. However, for now, let's recap how season two's first instalment left things.

firefly lane ending explained

Firefly Lane season 2, part 1 ending explained

Why did Kate and Tully fall out?

There are a whole load of timelines to keep track of here. First up, there's Thanksgiving 2004, when Kate tragically finds her father dead on the sofa. As the end of season one showed, Kate bans Tully from coming to the funeral after their fall out - though viewers were left in the dark as to what exactly had happened.

However, in season two episode seven, we finally discover the reason behind the argument: Tully had been babysitting Kate's teenage daughter Marah, who was supposed to be grounded. Ignoring Kate's instructions, Tully let Marah go out with Ashley, who wound up taking her to a frat party. Marah rings Tully for help after a boy she kissed takes things too far, prompting Tully to drive to collect her despite having drank a few glasses of wine.

On the way home, another car crashes into Tully's, leaving her and Marah in the hospital, though luckily neither have too serious injuries. Although the crash wasn't actually Tully's fault, Kate is of course angry that Tully let Marah go out and that she drove after drinking alcohol - prompting the pair's big fall out.

firefly lane ending explained

How do things end up between Kate and Tully?

The show then takes us to 2005 as Kate and Tully reach 'one year apart', with Johnny and Kate now on the brink of remarrying.

Kate and Tully finally see one another again after a year of not being friends - with both appearing to deeply miss the other. At Christmas, Johnny finally proposes to Kate, asking her to remarry. Kate says yes and finds herself itching to share the news with Tully - making her realise how much she misses her friend.

The series then ends with one of the biggest plot twists in season two so far: Kate's breast cancer diagnosis. After checking her breasts and finding a rash, Kate tragically discovers that she has stage 3 breast cancer and needs to start treatment immediately. The life-changing news draws Kate back to her friend, turning up at Tully's apartment. However, Tully has just left for her Antarctica trip to film a documentary, meaning the pair frustratingly miss one another.

firefly lane season 2 part one ending explained
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The S2 part one finale then ends with Kate crying at Tully's door, leaving us with yet another cliffhanger. Here's hoping these two will finally get to reconcile in the second S2 instalment.

Firefly Lane is streaming now on Netflix.

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