How does The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself end? The finale explained

Netflix's The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself is the latest supernatural show to land on the platform, and fans are thoroughly invested.

Based on the YA book trilogy Half Bad by author Sally Green, the series follows protagonist Nathan Byrn, the illegitimate son of a dangerous witch, plus a whole host of other supernatural teenagers. And, as with anything magical, this plot gets *complicated*. But fear not: we're here to take you through it.

Here's a deep dive into the The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself ending explained...

the bastard son and devil himself ending explained
Photo Credit: Teddy Cavendish - Netflix

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself ending explained

As referenced by the show's title and description, much of the series' plot hinges around Nathan as the illegitimate son of infamous evil witch, Marcus Edge, with the pair having a final standoff in the series finale.

First, we'll rewind. In the final episode, we saw Nathan's dangerous sister Jessica coming after Annalise. She tries to convince Annalise's father Soul to eat his daughter's heart, though the ploy is interrupted when the Bloods attack, and Jessica pursues Annalise to try to kill her herself.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is in a predicament of his own. Under Mercury's control, he's lost parts of his memory, including his love for Nathan. However, after reading Nathan's name (along with those of his parents) in his notebook, Gabriel's memory comes back. He sets out on a mission to save Nathan, planning to steal his vial from the blood bank, which he needs to survive past his 17th birthday.

the bastard son and devil himself ending explained

Gabriel then manages to get back to the water tower where he and Nathan were last separated. At the same time, Annalise escapes Jessica - and the main trio (Nathan, Gabriel and Annalise) are reunited once more. But we're not plain sailing just yet: Gabriel is shot, destroying the blood vial. Without the blood, Nathan accepts that he'll die that day, wanting simply to hang out with Annalise and Gabriel one final time. There's also an interesting bout of sexual tension between the three, so we'd be intrigued to see how that all develops in a potential season two.

Then, his two companions are frozen, with Nathan confronted by Soul in the forest. Threatening to kill him, Soul chases Nathan into the woods, where Nathan finally meets his father, Marcus (aka "the Devil himself"). Nathan is afraid Marcus will kill him but, instead, he finds out his notorious father might have actually got a bad rep; Marcus says he actually abandoned Nathan and his mother in order to save them. However, his plan failed and the Fairborns still killed Nathan's mother.

Marcus' attention then turns to Soul. He tells Nathan, "That man [Soul] killed your mother and your grandmother so now he needs killing". Nathan manages to stab Soul, freeing Gabriel and Annalise from being frozen by him.

the bastard son and devil himself ending explained
Photo Credit: Teddy Cavendish - Netflix

As for Nathan, Marcus offers up some of his blood to save him - so it's not over for our protagonist just yet. Hooray!

Finally, Annalise confronts Soul (her father). The previous prophecy that "his own blood" will kill the beast was thought to be about Nathan and Marcus, though we discover it's actually aimed at Annalise and Soul. Annalise uses her 'undoing' powers to literally undo Soul, eventually killing him.

Elsewhere, we see Jessica already in pursuit of revenge, setting up a potential plot for season two. On top of that, Nathan's Blood witch powers appear to be activated, but where will his fate lead him in a S2? We're on edge already.

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself is streaming now on Netflix.

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