DIY light therapy: Can it really clear your skin and rid you of spots?

Light therapy promises to give your complexion the clarity you’ve always dreamed of (Picture: Ed Bov/Yahoo)
Light therapy promises to give your complexion the clarity you’ve always dreamed of (Picture: Ed Bov/Yahoo)

Red and blue light technology is a trend that has been taking the beauty world by storm for some time now and a quick search online will connect you to medical professionals promising to blast healing rays into your skin and clear up acne, reduce pesky sun spots and even press the rewind button on those forever-spreading wrinkles.

The latest development in the tech beauty market is a string of do-it-yourself home style gadget. But can one really rival a course of light therapy in the doctor’s chair?

We tried one such device; Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask, £59.99.

Claiming to be clinically proven to reduce acne and breakouts with 30 days treatment of 10 minutes of light therapy, it appealed instantly. Sure, it looks like something out of a horror film, but we were determined not to let that deter us.

Turns out, it’s incredibly simple to use. The mask is fitted with UV protective sunglasses that keep the mask in place. Flip it over, and you see a flurry of miniature light bulbs from where the light shoots out and permeates your face once the device is plugged in and switched on.

Seems simple enough, but make sure you read all the instructions so you don’t waste any of your 30 sessions. Essentially, the mask will stay on for 10 minutes at a time and then turn itself off. If you turn it off early, by clicking the activator button, you will lose that session instantly.

So how does it feel?

Warm, bright and surreal. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt a bit.

You feel a bit silly, and you definitely look a bit odd, and it leaves you seeing red and blue spots for a good few minutes afterward.


There are a range of products out there on the market that make similar claims but this one is easy to use. We doubt the lights can be as powerful as a professional laser with a dermatologist, but it is worth a try if you have mild acne and would like to see the inflammation go down.

It also saves you the cost and trip to a doctor, most of whom recommend six sessions as a minimum and for people suffering with long-term acne, they tend to have the sessions alongside a natural acid facial.

And, if your skin woes are impacting on your mental health, then a home treatment may not be enough to put your mind at ease.

If, on the other hand, you have mild acne and minor scars from years gone by or you get the odd breakout of spots from time to time, then this seems like a good option. Just remember to give yourself enough time to use it if you have a wedding or a big event on the horizon.

And you can even recycle it for Halloween!

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