Disposable Muffin Tins Are Perfect For Packing Up Leftovers

Muffins tins and thanksgiving dishes
Muffins tins and thanksgiving dishes - Static Media / Shutterstock

Whether you are making cupcakes or muffins or need the muffin tin trick to simplify mis en place to organize your ingredients, this baking tool has multiple uses. However, that's not all these tins are good for. If you happen to have a few disposable muffin tins tucked away, you can also use them for packing up leftovers. They especially come in handy for big holiday dinners like Thanksgiving when you want to send guests home with a little extra. Simply load up each compartment with the sides and the main course and cover it with foil or cling wrap. Your guests can take it home to enjoy later.

Not to mention, disposable muffin tins make it easy to reheat your leftovers. Just remove the food wrapping and place the tin in the oven until everything is warm. And if you really want to get fancy, you can designate some disposable muffin tins for hot foods and some for foods that need no warming -- think salads, finger foods, and desserts. 

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Next Level Leftovers

food in a muffin tin
food in a muffin tin - Brunch With Babs/TikTok

What your picky kids and adults will love about this trick is no foods are touching. The individual compartments keep each dish separate and free from spilling over into each other. Mashed potatoes are not in danger of touching peas nor is your favorite grilled chicken going to come into contact with a sauce or gravy that might occupy a different opening.

Disposable muffin tins can also help you create the perfect 21st century TV dinner for the family to use up leftovers and reduce waste. In addition, this hack can come in handy when you are trying to navigate those busy weeknights when everyone has evening activities. Muffin tins are great for portion control, and they can ensure each person gets just what he or she wants. Simply allow each individual to customize their leftovers in the tin, pop them in the fridge until you are ready to heat up the next evening, and everyone is happy at mealtime without a lot of prep and clean-up.

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