The Discontinued Twix Bar We're Desperate To See Return

Twix bar unwrapped
Twix bar unwrapped - AlenKadr/Shutterstock

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There's a lot to love about original Twix bars thanks to the winning combination of chocolate, caramel, and a cookie center. The brand has also released some special flavors over the years, and one made a big impact on consumers. Included in Daily Meal's list of the discontinued chocolates people miss the most, Twix Java was an enticing selection that featured coffee-flavored caramel as its main selling point.

While not a lot of information is available, the candy bar most likely made its debut in 2007 and lasted through 2010 at least (per a commercial from that year shared on YouTube). According to Reddit, where a Twix Java-obsessed poster was recently attempting to track down the candy bar, 2010 was the year when the chocolate ceased being sold. As for why Twix Java went the way of the dinosaur, that's not entirely clear. It's likely that low sales played a role, which is a common reason for product discontinuation.

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Twix Java Was A Much-Loved Candy Bar

Twix Java bars
Twix Java bars - bre✨🍉 / X

Since the candy bar has been discontinued, it's not possible to sample Twix Java for yourself to determine whether the hype is real. However, lots of people shared their views of the candy when it was available, and many of these reviews offered nothing but praise. On Facebook, the candy bar was described as "amazing" by one poster, while others deemed it their favorite snack. One person even hopefully stated, "There is a good chance Twix Java will be around for a long time!"

A similar positive review was shared on Amazon, where the snack was described as superior to the original Twix bar. Additionally, a review posted on Candy Addict designated Twix Java as the best out of all the limited edition candy the reviewer had sampled. These days, the closest thing a person can get to Twix Java is ordering a secret menu item from Starbucks. This hacked caramel frap features java chips among other ingredients, which replicate the coffee flavor of the candy bar. If you're inclined to sample the Twix Java-inspired beverage, here are some tips to order Starbucks secret menu items like a pro.

Will Twix Java Ever Make A Grand Return?

salted caramel Twix bar
salted caramel Twix bar - Mehaniq/Shutterstock

While lots of popular candy bars have been around longer than people realize, Twix Java is not included in the category of sweets exhibiting lasting appeal. However, candy-minded consumers haven't stopped pining for the chocolate bar since its discontinuation, as illustrated by a petition launched in 2023. As stated in the petition, "Twix Java offered a unique and unforgettable flavor that set it apart." The petition also highlighted the current drive for nostalgic products, as well as the appeal of coffee-flavored treats.

It should be noted that Mars, the company that manufactures Twix, has not officially commented on whether Twix Java will ever return. It's also worth considering that the company often releases new flavors, such as cookie dough and salted caramel. While you probably shouldn't expect a reemergence of Twix's coffee-flavored masterpiece, you may discover a new favorite among the many varieties of this iconic candy bar.

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