The Discontinued Trader Joe's Canned Beans That Likely Won't Return

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Trader Joe's bevy of cult-favorite products is one reason why the grocery chain remains exceedingly popular among loyal shoppers, but these items can also backfire on the company. The discontinuation of a beloved product only sold by TJ's can leave customers angry for literal years. Take its Cuban Style Black Beans, one of the many discontinued Trader Joe's items shoppers miss most. With flavorful ingredients like onions, garlic, and bell peppers, along with a perfect smattering of seasonings, these versatile canned beans were a massive hit among customers -- and shoppers weren't shy about making their feelings known on Reddit when the product was discontinued.

In a thread posted in April 2022, one user described the item as a staple of their household, while another person mournfully asked, "TJ's why would you do this to us?". As for the reason behind the discontinuation, one commenter claimed that a Trader Joe's employee told them "everything has become so expensive," therefore the company couldn't keep up with production costs.

While this claim has never been officially verified by Trader Joe's, the loss of Cuban Style Black Beans has undoubtedly left a void in the dinner time plans of many shoppers. If you're one of the many fans missing this product, you might want to try a DIY substitute -- or make your voice heard by the company itself.

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How To Make A Dish Similar To TJ's Cuban Style Black Beans

hand holding Trader Joe's Cuban Style Black Beans
hand holding Trader Joe's Cuban Style Black Beans - Celia Valadez Guerrero/Facebook

Black beans play a significant role in Cuban cuisine. Traditional recipes use ingredients that are pretty close to the to Trader Joe's version, such as bell peppers, onions, and garlic, as well as seasonings like vinegar, bay leaves, and cumin. Though you can no longer pop into Trader Joe's and pick up a can of Cuban Style Black Beans, it may be possible to imitate the recipe on your own. You can even start with a can of Trader Joe's Organic Black Beans (which are priced at just $1.09 a can, although prices may vary from location to location).

According to the ingredients list of the discontinued Cuban Style Black Beans, you'll also need green bell peppers, onions, and pureed garlic. As for the seasonings in the original canned beans, salt, red wine vinegar, and "spices" are listed on the label. The vague term "spices" isn't very helpful, but you can use other Cuban-style black recipes as a guide. Common players include oregano and the aforementioned cumin, and and tomato paste shows up many versions, too. Of course, there's no beating the convenience of the canned version, so it's good to know that Trader Joe's encourages shoppers to reach out when they're unhappy about product discontinuations.

Trader Joe's Encourages Feedback On Discontinued Products

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lineup of goods at Trader Joe's - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Trader Joe's endeavors to create a special experience for its shoppers -- each store's unique chalk signs are developed by the staff, and all new products undergo a meticulous evaluation process to ensure they're up to standard. The chain also invites shoppers to share their thoughts and feelings on discontinued products via an online contact form available on its website.

In the preamble that appears before the form, Trader Joe's states that it takes product discontinuation seriously and accepts that some decisions can be "devastating" for shoppers. And while filling out the form may not result in a lost product returning, staff are often happy to recommend alternative products. However, it doesn't appear that any existing products fill the void left by the Cuban Style Black Beans. As stated by an aggrieved Redditor, "I'm so mad at Trader Joe's over this especially because they didn't even replace it with something similar".

Perhaps if production costs go down, the company might reinstate this much-loved product, or at least come up a replacement. In the meantime, you may want to learn how Trader Joe's decides which items to discontinue, so you can keep supporting your favorite products and hopefully save them from an unceremonious end.

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