Dirty John 2: fans jump to defend Betty Broderick after watching gripping drama series

The second instalment in the Dirty John franchise landed on Netflix this weekend and plenty of TV fans have already binged all eight episodes.

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Dirty John 2: The Betty Broderick Story tells the harrowing tale of Betty and her husband Daniel's bitter divorce battle and subsequent criminal case. The drama series, based on the true crime story, stars Amanda Peet and Christian Slater as its leading characters.

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Series two tells the story of Betty Broderick and her ex-husband

After Betty is driven to madness by her ex-husband, she eventually shoots him and his new partner dead – and it seems that many watchers at home are in agreement on their verdict of both the show and the case. Taking to social media, fans had plenty to say when it came to giving their view.

One person wrote on Twitter: "The #BettyBroderick story is so [expletive] up. I see why she did it though... not saying it was ok but he fully contributed to her to insanity and demise #DirtyJohn2." A second person commented: "#DirtyJohn2 #BettyBroderick This is absolutely sad. This man drove this woman off a mental cliff, evil at its finest. Holy Jeez. Wicked emotional rollercoaster. My heart breaks for her." A third person wrote: "I know she shouldn't have killed him but he definitely had it coming #dirtyjohn2."


Amanda Peet plays Betty Broderick

Others were quick to praise the series as highlighting issues such as coercive control and gas lighting. "Brilliant acting and writing in #dirtyjohn2. A prime example of gas lighting", wrote one person, while another said: "Dan was completely gas lighting Betty, do yourselves a favour and watch #dirtyjohn2."

The viewer's comments come soon after initial confusion over the new series. Many couldn't help but question why the new season was named Dirty John, despite focused on an entirely new story to the first season. One person wrote: "I don't get why it's called Dirty John. Wasn't that an entirely different story?" Another echoed this feeling: "The problem is: they named the first season Dirty John based on a true story and it had a bunch of fans but sometimes a second season is not necessary. It doesn't fit the first one: different characters, different story but nearly the same name?!... Just stop at the first one."

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