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Say hello to the age of the online dermatologist. Designed to bring the advice of a qualified skincare expert straight to your door (or rather, sofa), a host of innovative new apps and brands are launching into the digital space, making it possible to not only get the advice you need to tackle your skin concerns – from acne and rosacea to fine lines and pigmentation – but also the prescription-strength and expert-backed products you require to really see a difference.

Traditionally, it was unusual for us Brits to have a dermatologist on speed-dial – unlike our American cousins – with trips to a clinic reserved for more serious complexion issues. Unfortunately, that often meant that many of us were left feeling more than a little overwhelmed in our attempts to build an effective, active-based skincare routine from the wealth of products on the market.

The online dermatologist boom was, of course, spurred on by the pandemic, when lockdown pushed all practitioners, from our dentist to our therapist, to make the digital shift, offering appointments over platforms such as Zoom and Facetime.

Pleasantly surprised by the practicality and ease of an online appointment, many clinics – and indeed, some of the most in-demand dermatologists in London – have continued to offer digital services in the New Normal, allowing clients to make a booking with the very best, regardless of their location.

The virtual shift spans all sectors, but there's particular innovation to be found in health, wellness and beauty. From video and phone-based dermatologist consultations to personalised product recommendations and custom-concocted treatments, these are the best online services for treating your skin concerns, wherever you may be...

The best online dermatologist services to trust now

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