Diet fizzy drinks could actually make you gain more weight


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Diet fizzy drink fans, prepare to be devastated: Low fat or diet versions of soft drinks could actually be making you put on weight.

Fantastic, right?

Yep - for those of us who love a can of Coke, but want to watch our weight so opt for diet ones instead, this is pretty awful news.

This is because diet soft drinks - such as Diet Coke, Pepsi Max or slimline tonic - often contain Aspartam, a sugar replacement.

And while these drinks technically have fewer calories in them, they potentially have other negative effects instead.

In the San Antonio Heart Study back in the ‘80s, height, weight and artificially sweetened beverage consumption were measured in 5,158 participants over the course of seven to eight years.


[Photo: Pexels]

After this period of time, 3,682 of these people - who had no increase in food intake during this time - were re-examined, and the results were pretty clear for diet soda drinkers; people who drank 21 or fewer drinks containing artificial sweeteners per week, rather than those who drank none, had double the risk of being overweight or obese.

Participants who reported having Aspartame-packed drinks were found to have a greater BMI than those who didn’t, too.

Perhaps drinking fizzy drinks without the calorie intake was too good to be true.

But with that being said, some studies have found different results.

So let’s hope that researchers getting looking into this again soon - the diet-soda-drinking people of the world need to know, pronto!

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