When Did We Start Dipping Oreos In Peanut Butter?

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Since the invention of the Oreo back in 1912, snackers have been dipping the sandwich cookie in milk. The cold, refreshing beverage transforms the crispy cookie into a soft bite of creamy, chocolatey goodness. No matter what flavor of Oreo you reach for, milk is always there to complement it -- and there is no shortage of crazy Oreo flavors on shelves. But the most recent flavor combinations might be inspired by what people are dipping these iconic cookies into, other than milk.

People have been putting down their glasses of milk and picking up jars of peanut butter ever since the iconic movie "The Parent Trap" came onto the scene in 1998. In the movie, Lindsay Lohan plays a set of twins that were separated at birth. They later meet at camp and discover they both love dipping Oreos in peanut butter, a move that hardly anyone had heard of back then.

The movie writer, Nancy Meyers, told Hello Giggles that she came up with the idea out of thin air, "it was just something weird that both girls would like. It was another example of the fact that they're twins." This character quirk has inspired a movement amongst the snacking community, as fans of the rom-com leaped to the kitchen to see if they, too, enjoyed Oreos and peanut butter. While this discovery couldn't prove to fans that they also had a long-lost twin, it sparked a generation of snackers that claimed Oreos and milk were old news.

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Peanut Butter Lovers Are Definitely Onto Something With This Snack Combo

Peanut butter
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In an attempt to fully understand the Oreo sandwich cookies and peanut butter hype, this Daily Meal writer sauntered over to the pantry to try it out firsthand. As a newly inducted member of the peanut butter lovers club, I was eager to taste for myself and decide if milk is but a gateway dipper when it comes to Oreos. Overall, there is no doubt that the flavor combination is delicious, but I suggest using peanut butter sparingly. My first scoop of peanut butter was much too generous, resulting in an overpoweringly nutty bite that completely lacked Oreo flavor. Keep in mind that the only supplies on hand were crunchy peanut butter and single stuffed Oreos, which may have made a very big difference in flavor balance. For the best results, I recommend Double Stuf Oreos and creamy peanut butter for the most cohesive blend of taste and texture.

Because the peanut butter flavor was so prominent, I immediately craved a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This led me down another road, wondering if the jelly and Oreo combination was worth exploring. In a surprising turn of events, it was delicious. The acidity of the grape flavor in the jelly added a unique tang that I was desperately missing with the first combo. I began to wonder if we had but only scratched the surface of what Oreos could be dipped in. Upon further research, it is clear that others have had the same idea.

You Might Not Believe What Else People Dip Their Oreos In

Person dips Oreos into milk
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If seeing double of Lindsay Lohan eating Oreos and peanut butter was a shocking combination, just wait until you hear what other flavor pairings the cookie lovers have been experimenting with. The unique Oreo creme filling that lies between the two chocolate-flavored cookies has a very versatile taste that works well when fused with unexpected flavor profiles such as salty, nutty, and even spicy. In a Reddit thread, one user admitted that they enjoy dipping Oreos in sweet chili sauce, and wondered what other crazy combinations people have dreamt up. Many replies echoed the Oreo and peanut butter idea, while others suggested even wilder pairings. Coffee, strawberry cream cheese, honey, and even red wine were all among fan favorites that sounded too delicious not to try.

While searching the cupboards for more Oreo dipping contenders, I discovered that my favorite combination was Oreos and marshmallow fluff. While it was very different from the juxtaposed flavors of the jelly, the marshmallow fluff added a fun textural element that deserves more attention. And of course, adding a dollop of peanut butter to a stack of Oreo and fluff created a cookies and cream fluffernutter experience that everyone should taste for themselves.

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