Did Kourtney Kardashian take a love potion back when she was single?

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Erm, is Kourtney Kardashian selling a love potion?Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian is many things: reality tv icon, wellness mogul and mother. But we never thought we'd see her dabbling in all things witchy. That is, until we got wind of her latest product from wellness brand Lemme: Lemme Fall In Love. Described as a "heart-opening tincture" we've got some, erm, questions - to say the least.

Are we right in thinking this is a love potion? Could this, like manifestation, be another spirituality-adjacent method of solving our dating woes? And - most importantly - is this why Kourt and Travis Barker are such major PDA fans? Well, luckily for us, Kourtney has recently clarified some of these burning questions.

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Okay so what exactly even is a "heart-opening tincture"? Kourt had some words of wisdom. "Tinctures are liquid herbal supplements that have been around for thousands of years," she told InStyle. "The first time I took one, it was a heart-opening tincture that my doctor had recommended, and Lemme Fall in Love is an evolution of that… In [Lemme Fall in Love], there’s honeysuckle flower, which is known to elicit feelings of happiness and excitement. "

Cool, cool. But is this the secret behind her and Travis's loved-up marriage? Well...not exactly. "The first time I took a heart-opening tincture, I was not in a relationship at the time, so it wasn’t about falling in love with a partner."

But while this tincture isn't a guarantee for romantic love, it helped Kourt with something equally important. "It was really about self-love, I think, and I felt that it softened me. I think using heart-opening botanicals [can help] for all kinds of different things that we may have experienced that can harden you," she added.

Seemingly, this tincture has been a major part of the star's healing journey. "You can put up a wall like I did for years. And I feel like this can help soften and open up your heart," she said. "To me, I've noticed such a difference in myself. There’s obviously more to the journey than just a tincture, but to me it was one of one of the parts of that journey."

Obviously, as with all wellness products, the results of this heart-opening tincture are not guaranteed and it's important to check and research the ingredients of whatever you're taking - but we're happy this has been a help to the eldest Kardashian sister.

Cheers to Kourtney and her self love journey!

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