Did You Know That You Can Make Clotted Cream In Your Slow Cooker?

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Helen Offland

From Delish

With us all getting stuck into picnics more than ever at the moment, scones are very much at the forefront of our minds because a picnic's not a picnic without everyone getting jam and cream on everything.

But what the hell are you supposed to do if you’ve been to the shops to stock up on scone ingredients, but when you get home you realise you’ve got the lovely posh jam, but you’ve forgotten the clotted cream. It’s the stuff of first-world nightmares.

Well, panic not, friends, because did you know that you can actually make clotted cream yourself at home? And it’s basically the easiest thing in the world; especially if you have a slow cooker.

Thanks to this smart cookie on the Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips Facebook group, we now know how to make clotted cream at home.

Helen Offland shared photos on the group, which showed her putting double cream into ramekins, then placing them into her slow cooker. She puts the slow cooker on low and leaves those bad boys in there for 12 hours.

Once 12 hours has passed (we recommend you get on with other things in that time. DO NOT just sit there and watch them for 12 hours – life’s too short), place the ramekins into the fridge and allow to cool and set for a further 12 hours (again, please keep yourself busy for those 12 hours, otherwise that’s a whole 24 hours you’ve wasted staring at your slow cooker and your fridge).

Helen shows off the fruits of her labour in a video of her spooning the cream and then some posh jam onto her scones.

So, she enjoys the Devonshire method when it comes to scones? This means cream and then jam, not like Cornish folk, who go jam and then cream. Interesting. Very interesting.

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