Diane Keaton swears off magic mushrooms

Diane Keaton has a thing or two to say about tripping out on psychedelics.

The 76-year-old Oscar winner, who stars in the newly released film Mack & Rita, appeared on the Just for Variety podcast on Wednesday where she discussed her thoughts on magic mushrooms.

Asked when was the last time she had taken shrooms, Keaton responded, “No, thank you! That was never something that I engaged in at all. I missed out on that.”

In the new film, which debuted in theaters 12 August, Keaton’s character Rita trips on Psilocybin mushrooms during a scene. But for the Annie Hall actress, she’d take a glass of wine over a hallucinogenic any day.

“I would prefer just to have a glass of wine with ice in it,” she said. “I don’t want to go there. I like ice and that’s fun, but no, that’s not fun. That’s scary. I don’t want to do that.”

Although Keaton agrees that it’s fun to act like you’re on shrooms, she stays far away from the real thing. “Being on just mushrooms, I think is just like, you’re an idiot. That’s all. I’m best at being an idiot. I don’t want to let go of my idiot.”

While filming Mack & Rita back in April 2021, Keaton went viral when she was pictured on set wearing a pair of snakeskin thigh-high boots. Fans got a kick out of her style, but Keaton recently told Vogue that she felt “ridiculous” in the thigh-high look.

“It’s not attractive – those legs are like sticks. It’s so stupid!,” she said. “So I hope it’s funny. I hope people get a kick out of how ridiculous it is. The girls in the background [Elizabeth Lail and Taylour Paige] are both going to be big stars. And there I am, the moron on her last legs.”

Keaton has been hailed as an “icon” throughout her career, but the Something’s Gotta Give actor disagreed with the statement and said she looked more like “an idiot” on the Mack & Rita poster.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to wear the clothing that’s on the billboard. It’s terrible, are you kidding?,” she told Vogue. “That white thing with that belt around my waist…and those legs? I’ve never seen anything worse. And the fact that we put on those leggings with those boots? I mean, that’s scary.”