Diane Keaton reveals she hates her iconic thigh-high boots in Mack & Rita: ‘It’s terrible’

Diane Keaton reveals she hates her iconic thigh-high boots in Mack & Rita: ‘It’s terrible’

Diane Keaton is speaking out about her fashion sense and revealed that she hates her iconic thigh-high boots, which she first wore and went viral for while filming Mack & Rita last year.

The 76-year-old actor opened up about her style during a recent interview with Vogue, where she addressed how the poster of her newest film features her in a long white shirt, tan corset, and snakeskin thigh-high boots. However, Keaton went on to share how she thought that she actually looked “ridiculous” and wanted people get a “kick out” of that.

“It’s not attractive—those legs are like sticks. It’s so stupid!,” she said. “So I hope it’s funny. I hope people get a kick out of how ridiculous it is. The girls in the background [Lail and Taylour Paige] are both going to be big stars. And there I am, the moron on her last legs.”

Keaton was first spotted in the outfit back in April 2021, via Page Six, which received praise from multiple fans, one of which said: “I mean is she stunning or is she STUNNING?”

When asked about how she’s been referred to as an icon during the Vogue interview, the Something’s Gotta Give star disagreed with the statement and said she looked more like “an idiot” on the Mack & Rita poster.

As she detailed how she had “a good time on the film,” since she was “just being” her, she continued to share her candid thoughts about the outfit that her character, Rita, wore, and said that she’s “never seen anything worse” than it.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to wear the clothing that’s on the billboard. It’s terrible, are you kidding?,” she continued. “That white thing with that belt around my waist…and those legs? I’ve never seen anything worse. And the fact that we put on those leggings with those boots? I mean, that’s scary.”

While she may not wear Rita’s looks herself, Keaton still said that she had a lot of input when it came to picking out clothes and that the viral look was her “choice”, before detailing some of her responsibilities for the film.

“I’m taking the hit for that one,” she said. “Of course the hair too—lovely. It says that I’m also a co producer down at the bottom there, so they had to deal with me. I made some perfect choices for that character.

When asked how she would describe her personal style, the Annie Hall star simply said: “Eclectic and original.”

Keaton has previously made headlines for her sense of style. Back in March, TikTok user Lexi Nicoleta went viral for coming up with the term coastal grandmother, which is used to describe dressing like a character from a Nancy Meyers movie. One of these characters include Keaton’s roles in Something’s Gotta Give.

In April, the actor responded to being the face of the fashion trend on Instagram, where she shared an edited video with clips of her from the 2004 film.

The edit clips showed her looking up the iconic term online and watching Nicoleta’s video. She also seemingly confirmed, in the cpation and conclusion of the video, that she has begun embracing her role as a coastal grandmother.