Diana, Princess of Wales was "easy to cook for", according to former royal chef

Amy Mackelden
Photo credit: Georges De Keerle - Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Princess Diana's former chef, Carolyn Robb, has opened up about life in the royal household when Prince Harry and Prince William were growing up.

As Robb's official website, The Royal Touch, states, she was "formerly Executive Chef to TRH Prince Charles & Princess Diana for eleven years and also served other members of the Royal Family".

Robb revealed an especially adorable moment when Harry was just a young boy and asked if he could have a treacle tart for breakfast. The chef told the little prince that he needed his mother's permission first, so Harry went to ask Diana, Princess of Wales. According to Robb, he returned with a note written by her which read, "Mummy says it's okay!" As Robb told The Sunday Times, "I have always treasured this wonderful little note," which she still has to this day.

The chef also noted that Prince William had a favoured sweet treat called a "chocolate biscuit cake". Robb explained that Diana was "very easy to cook for," while Prince Charles was described as "more demanding". According to Robb, "You wouldn't dare serve asparagus in December," referring to the prince's love of produce that was in season.

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