Diana was never in love with Dodi Fayed, reveals former aide

Princess Diana dated Dodi Fayed before the pair were both killed in a car crash in 1997 [Photo: PA]

Diana’s former private secretary, Michael Gibbins, has revealed that the Princess of Wales never loved Dodi Fayed; the man she embarked on a relationship with just before her untimely death. Gibbins worked with Diana for over a year.

Speaking to The Sun, he announced that the summer romance wouldn’t have lasted, saying: “I think frankly she was just having a lovely summer at somebody else’s expense to be perfectly honest. When the summer was over, everything would have disintegrated.”

Diana met the son of billionaire (and former Harrods owner) Mohamed Al-Fayed at a polo match in 1986. She was still married to Prince Charles at the time.

After her marriage to the royal fell apart, she was invited by Dodi’s father, Mohamed, to join the family on board their yacht in the summer of 1997.

The royal was seen on board the Al-Fayed yacht in the summer leading up to her death [Photo: AP]

Diana spent some time with Prince William and Prince Harry cruising around the south of France before returning to the yacht in August without her two sons.

There, photos of the Princess and Dodi kissing hit headlines across the globe.

They sailed to Sardinia before flying to Paris; a trip that resulted in the fatal car crash of August 31 1997 which killed simultaneously killed Diana and Dodi.

Although there was a rumour that the couple were spotted shopping for engagement rings in Monte Carlo, Diana’s former secretary stated that there was no chance of the pair getting married.

A bronze memorial of the couple was erected in Harrods [Photo: PA]

When asked if the royal had ever mentioned a second wedding, Gibbins replied: “Absolutely not. Nor do I believe that for a second. Superficially she was happy. Deep down, more difficult to say.”

“My feeling was that she was determined to build a new her in whatever way. She was probably pretty bitter and angry at the way things had turned out.”

He also said that the Princess would have been proud of William and Harry for speaking out about mental health and attempting to modernise the royal family.

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