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I tried the TikTok viral Japanese cleansing oil and it's changed my skincare routine forever

🛍️ Product reviewed: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 
Tested for: Three months
Rating: 4/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Easily removes a day's worth of make-up, cleans and refreshes the skin without stripping it of all its natural oils, functional, reusable packaging 
Reasons to avoid: Adds another step to your skincare routine, on the pricier side for a cleanser
💰 Best deal we've found: While there aren't any discounts currently available, Lookfantastic has restocked all sizes of the cleansing oil, with a 30ml bottle costing just £5

(Yahoo Life UK / DHC)
I've been using the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for three months and it's now my favourite skincare item. (DHC / Yahoo Life UK)

You’ll likely have heard that Japanese and Korean skincare is having a moment.

Flooding our social media streams and getting recommended by almost every beauty/skincare influencer and professional in the business, I wanted to find out what the deal was. Is it worth the price tag? Does it actually work? And will I have gorgeous, glowy, glass skin after using it?

So, I did what any curious, skincare-obsessed woman would do: I hunted down one the most hyped product — the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil — and tried it.

Having gone viral on TikTok and amassed over 200 million video views, it was not short of praise from both beauty fanatics and dermatologists, so it definitely seemed like a worthy new purchase.

As someone with combination skin (although, more on the oilier side), I was pleased to find that this product didn't cause any break outs. In fact, it did the opposite. And after using it religiously every evening for the past two to three months, it's become my new favourite skincare step.

💸 Reasons to buy

First impressions — I loved the simplicity of the packaging. It came in a hardwearing, break-resistant, reusable plastic bottle with a pump dispenser for ease, and a little wedge to stop any unwanted product from escaping through the pump.

My skin has never felt so clean and refreshed after adding this cleansing oil into my skincare routine. As you can see, I've been using it religiously. (Yahoo Life UK)
My skin has never felt so clean and refreshed after adding this cleansing oil into my skincare routine. As you can see, I've been using it religiously. (Yahoo Life UK)

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DHC recommends using two to three pumps, which is more than enough to remove a day's worth of make-up, without feeling like it's completely stripped your skin of all its natural oils.

Having added this into my skincare routine as a first cleanse, followed by a gentle, foaming cleanser (my go-to is from Cerave), serum and moisturiser, I really do feel like it's made a world of difference to the overall appearance of my skin.

To put things into perspective, I'm fairly used to waking up with one or two painful, cystic spots under the skin of my cheeks, but since using the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, the most I'll get is a few whiteheads.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil pictured on a plain background.
You only need two-three pumps for an effortless first cleanse. (DHC / Lookfantastic)

And I'm not the only one who's noticed a difference. There's over 290 five-star reviews for the cleansing oil on Lookfantastic, with shoppers saying their "skin has cleared up since using", it stays "hydrated" and leaves "skin feeling soft and smooth".

As an added bonus, the cleansing oil comes in three sizes: 200ml, 70ml and 30ml. So, if you're not completely sold on splurging £27 on the full-sized version, you can always try the smaller amounts first to see if the product works for you.

✋ Reasons to avoid

For me, this product is now a firm favourite in my skincare routine. But if I did have to point out a single reason to avoid, it would be how it adds a complete new step to your routine.

So, if you're someone that likes to get their skincare out of the way and prefers a simple, speedy routine, then I would probably reconsider whether a product like this is right for you.

It's also on the pricier side as far as cleansers go, so that's something to think about when purchasing, too.

💰 Best deal we've found

Now, DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil has been out of stock for a little while, presumably because of its popularity over on TikTok. But we've spotted that it's actually come back in stock on Lookfantastic in *all* sizes. And currently, you can buy the full-sized bottle for £27.

It's also stocked on Sephora, Escentual and Superdrug.

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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (200ml) | £27 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (70ml) | £14 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (30ml) | £5

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