Deviled Egg Burgers Are The Ultimate Way To Use Up Leftovers

Plate of deviled egg sliders
Plate of deviled egg sliders - Azra H/Shutterstock

When it comes to prepping food for a party, there are a couple of go-tos that often come out. Grabbable foods like sliders and deviled eggs, for instance, are a couple of tasty choices that you can whip up. While both mini burgers and stuffed eggs taste great, why not combine the two of them into a single dish and turn them into deviled egg burgers?

Deviled egg burgers are made by taking two deviled eggs and slapping a beef patty in between them. Of course, to get the full burger effect, you'll want a bit of cheese in there as well. You can then finish the whole thing off by sprinkling some sesame seeds or bagel seasoning on top, making the top egg look like a burger bun. The best thing about this trick is that it's an easy way to use up leftover deviled eggs that are hanging about after a get-together.

That's the essence of making these bite-sized burgers, but there are a couple of other ingredients you can throw in to really make them pop. Plus, once you've mastered this recipe, try some fun variations for different flavor combos.

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What Goes Into A Deviled Egg Burger?

Person making egg burgers
Person making egg burgers - Azra H/Shutterstock

In its simplest form, a deviled egg burger only requires your favorite deviled egg recipe and a beef patty. You can play around with different deviled egg recipes, trying, for instance, a spicy twist to give your snack a bit of an extra kick.

For the patty, remember that you want it to fit well between the eggs. If you're using homemade burgers, you can shape them into small sizes that work for your mini sliders. Or, for store-bought ones, try cutting them down to the right size for your egg. This way, you don't wind up with beef hanging over the edge of the egg. Once they're the right size, go ahead and cook them. You'll then add the cooked patty to the deviled egg burger.

Besides the patty, you'll also want to think about the cheese. A standard slice of cheddar can work well with the saltiness of the burger, but you can also go for other types as well. Mozzarella can add milky notes to your mini meal, while pepper jack could work well to play on the slightly spicy notes of the mustard in the deviled egg filling. Get creative with what you choose and create combinations that you love.

Other Fillings And Variations On Standard Deviled Egg Burgers

Mini egg burgers
Mini egg burgers - Stephanie Frey/Shutterstock

Once you've mastered a basic deviled egg burger, you can start to branch out and get creative with different add-ins and variations. For starters, try playing around with adding vegetables to the burger. Lettuce and tomato are classics that add a bit of freshness to your snack and offset the heavier beef and egg filling in the meal. However, you could also add avocado for some nutty sweetness. Or, throw in some purple onions to add a bit of bite.

Besides veggies, you can also play around with the proteins. Swap out the burger patty for a slice of pork belly, or replace it with a square of bacon. Or you can just add multiple types of protein, making a meat-lovers deviled egg burger. With these deviled egg sliders, the sky's the limit as to what you can put in them. Experiment and come up with a snack that not only makes use of leftover deviled eggs but also gives them new life and a ton of extra flavor.

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