A 'Destructive Quartet' Of Rain, Thunder, Wind and Snow Is About To Hit The UK

Shock horror, the UK is about to have another week of chaotic weather which consists of heavy rain, thunder, wind and to top it off we might even see some snow.

Large areas across the UK have been warned by the Met Office of widespread rain with the added risk of hail and thunderstorms.

Another yellow weather warning has been issued today for wind, covering swathes of Scotland, which could see gusts reach as high as 75mph in western areas of the country, according to The Express.

“Rain clearing, although affecting the far north until evening,” The Met Office stated in its latest weather forecast for the UK.

It continued: “Sunny spells and showers following, most frequent in the north and west with a risk of hail and thunder. Gales in north easing.”

Heading into Thursday to Saturday, the forecasters shared that we can expect showers each day: “Some of these heavy, possibly thundery. Windy too especially around coasts and hills in the south, but it will remain mild for most.”

“On Sunday, any early rain in the southeast soon clearing. Many areas then dry with variable cloud. Showers are likely for some eastern areas, as well as the far north where they will increasingly fall as snow to low levels,” they added.

Winds will be moderate in the southwest whilst temperatures will be near normal to rather cold in the north: “Later, remaining unsettled, at least at first, but with wettest conditions likely affecting northern areas through the end of March.”

Tomorrow will look like a very wet day for large parts of England as a massive band of heavy rain drenches London, the Midlands, North West, Wales, and the south coast around 6pm.

Rain will make a permanent appearance over the UK on Friday, before the UK weather map highlights another large downpour in over the Atlantic, making Monday another wet day for the country.

That rain will continue to make its way through many parts of the UK next Tuesday and Wednesday but fortunately, it will dry up towards the end of the month.

It’s not all good news though as the forecast shows we could be seeing freezing temperatures again with the return of snow. Scots should wrap up next Monday as things could turn icy with 5cm and 8cm of snowfall in central areas.