Designers Create Out-Of-This-World Resort Replicating Planet Earth's Moon

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Designers Create Out-Of-This-World Resort Replicating Planet Earth's Moon

Two Canadian Designer/Entrepreneurs have conceived an out-of-this-world destination resort replicating Planet Earth's Moon - incorporating the world’s largest sphere.

MOON, which is the brainchild of Michael R. Henderson and Sandra G. Matthews, will be licensed in four global locations; North America, Europe, Middle East Gulf and Asia Pacific.

The destination resort will touch on a range of sectors including hospitality, entertainment, education, attractions, the environment, technology, and space tourism. Inside just some of the features are theatres, spas, hotels, boutique shopping facilities and an event center which can comfortably welcome 5000 guests to major live artistic productions.

With a focus on architecture, engineering, design, and art, MOON will deliver a contemporary, futuristic, and unique destination resort, encompassing 516,000 square meters of spectacular next-generation Leed certified built environment.

MOON incorporates a true sphere as opposed to many buildings which claim to be spheres when in reality they have a dome or partial dome structures.

The incredible structure will reach at least 224 meters above ground level and have a minimum diameter of 198 meters. Precise site-specific dimensions will adhere to regional airspace and locally mandated height restrictions which may permit a taller and wider superstructure.

Michael R. Henderson, Co-Founder of MOON World Resorts Inc. explains; "MOON was conceived as a sophisticated, unique, architectural and engineering iconic structure.'

"As planet Earth’s closest celestial neighbour, MOON will deliver a timeless and spectacular building of global significance; a magnificent industry disrupter representing the past, present and most importantly the future."

Delivering a fully integrated Destination Resort experience; MOON will transport millions of guests annually on an experiential life-altering journey previously thought possible for only a few.

Setting entirely new standards in Architecture, Engineering, Design, build-quality, ingenuity, environmental stewardship and sustainability; MOON will ignite the imagination and expand the building envelope well beyond current levels.

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