Demi Lovato ‘vote’ message seemingly cut from NBC Billboard Music Awards broadcast after anti-Trump song

Clémence Michallon
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Demi Lovato performs
Demi Lovato performs

Demi Lovato’s performance of her anti-Trump song “Commander In Chief” appeared to be cut short during NBC’s broadcast of the Billboard Music Awards, removing a message urging viewers to vote.

Lovato unveiled the new track on Tuesday and performed it during the awards ceremony, which aired the following day. The song is a vocal anti-Trump anthem, with lines such as: “If I did the things you do/I couldn't sleep” and “We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin'/While you line your pockets deep.”

According to footage released on Wednesday by TMZ, Lovato’s performance originally ended with the word “vote” displayed on two screens on each side of the stage – presumably as a way to urge American voters to head to the polls and vote against Donald Trump. That setup is reflected in photos of Lovato’s performance, with the word “vote” clearly visible in the background.

However, that message is absent from NBC’s broadcast. Instead, in that version, the segment ends with a close-up of her face.

Both the Billboard Music Awards and NBC Entertainment have shared images of Lovato’s performance on Twitter, including the “vote” messaging.

The Independent has contacted NBC for comment.

Lovato’s performance took place as NBC faced backlash for booking Trump for a live event on the same night as the cancelled presidential debate that was meant to take place between him and Joe Biden. That event is scheduled to air at the same time as a previously planned programme featuring Biden on ABC News.