Delivery room camera captures dad’s breakdown after ‘scariest silence of [his] life’: ‘My heart dropped’

Footage from a family’s scary moment in the delivery room is going viral, causing TikTok parents everywhere to shed an empathetic tear.

Mom and TikToker Sheri (@sherinicole455) received over 4 million views and 15 thousand comments when she posted the emotional video of her daughter’s birthday to TikTok.

But this was no ordinary labor and delivery video. As Sheri says in the caption, her little girl has been “giving [her] a run for [her] money since [the] day she was born.”

In the footage, Sheri explains that while she was pushing, they lost her baby girl’s heartbeat — resulting in a terrifying silence just after she had entered the world.

The mom and dad anxiously held their breaths as the doctors and nurses worked on their little girl, waiting to see if she was ok.

Finally, her cry pierced the air — and immediately, Sheri’s husband broke down in tears.

As their baby continued to cry, Sheri reached out her hand to comfort her weeping husband. “I saw him crying, and I knew he was worried,” Sheri wrote in the comments. “He told me later that he thought we had already lost her, and hearing her cry was overwhelming.”

‘I’m bawling happy tears…’

Thousands of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the footage in Sheri’s comments.

“As a mom, I cried when she started crying. I’m bawling happy tears. Best sound ever,” one user wrote.

“The nurses’ calming voices and composure are exactly what I would hope for in this moment. Beautiful,” another user shared.

“L&D nurses like this are worth their weight in gold!” wrote one user. To this, Sheri replied, “They truly are!!! Angels, all of them.”

“So all of us just in here crying, right?” asked one user.

“The way my heart dropped, don’t do me like that,” another user wrote.

“My reaction was exactly the same as dad’s watching this. Complete silence and waiting and then crying when she cried,” commented another user.

“Not me crying immediately when dad lost it. Nurse was amazing!” another user cheered.

Thankfully, both Sheri and her baby were totally fine — but this is one moment of silence the family is surely never to forget.

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