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Defrost your car with ease using this 'simple but effective' windscreen cover

Winter frozen back car window, to illustrate need for protective cover to eliminate need to defrost car.
Defrost your car windscreen without any hassle. (Getty Images)

Snow at Christmas is magical and everything, but there's nothing worse than having to defrost your car in freezing temperatures.

That's right, the hardship that comes with a cold, crisp winter's morning has to be the very act of scraping ice off from the windscreen of your car.

Want to save yourself from numbing fingers? You may find a Windscreen Frost Protector an absolute game-changer. It's a very simple product that's not particularly ingenious, but will solve your ice-scraping issues in as little as a few seconds.

Make mornings easier with this handy cover that prevents frost, snow and ice build-up on your windshield in the winter.

£22 at Amazon

Why we rate it

Costing just £22.99 from Amazon, it works by shielding your car window from frost, snow and ice build-up, meaning you can just whip it off, fire up the engine and get going — saving you lots of valuable time in the morning.

It's super easy to use, too. Simply place the side flaps inside your car door on each side and close them to fix the cover in place. When not in use, fold it away and store it in the boot of your car.

(FREESOO / Amazon)
The car window cover is made from high quality durable polyester material. (FREESOO / Amazon)

£22.99 at Amazon

It's not just useful in the winter months, the aluminium foil surface layer and high quality flame-retardant cotton inside also helps to regulate your car temperature in the summer when it’s parked in the sun, a life-saver if you have leather seats.

What the reviews say

With over 5,000 reviews and an average 4.5 out of five star rating, it's a big hit with shoppers with many saying it's "simple but effective, some even going as far as calling it an "absolute life-saver".

Impressed with the quality, many shoppers have said that it has a good amount of weight to it (unlike other options), so you can be sure it won't lift up in the wind.

Top reviews say it's an "excellent fit and quality" and that it "completely protects" your windscreen in summer and winter from all the elements. Although we don't often get deep snow in the UK, some reviews even assure us that the brilliant contraption works during "heavy snow" and high winds.

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