Those with a December birthday miss out on 160 presents, research reveals

Woman with a December birthday sat at table holding unopened present
Those with a December birthday could be missing out on more than a hundred gifts in their lifetime. (Getty Images)

People with a December birthday could be missing out on more than one hundred gifts over the course of their lifetime.

A new study has revealed that those born at this time of year will receive fewer overall presents because of the proximity to Christmas.

The survey, which involved 2,000 Britons, found that Sagittarians and Capricorns are given on average 160 fewer birthday gifts.

Not On The High Street, who conducted the research, discovered that those born in the final month of the year receive an average of four presents on their birthday – compared to those who receive six in other months.

Pile of wrapped presents beneath a Christmas tree
A study found that the proximity to Christmas meant those born during the festive season received fewer presents. (Getty Images)

Unsurprisingly, two-thirds (67%) of those surveyed said December was the worst month to have a birthday.

The research showed that 75% tended to receive joint birthday and Christmas presents, while over half (55%) felt disappointed or underwhelmed with the quantity of what they were given.

When they did get birthday presents, over a third (39%) said it had come in festive wrapping paper.

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Similarly, almost a quarter (24%) revealed that they had received a Christmas-themed birthday gift, which had left them annoyed and upset.

What's more, 23% recalled having to wait until the sales began so that loved ones could get them a cheaper gift.

It's not just gifts, but also celebrations, that get impacted – with the survey also revealing that just over a third had been forced to cancel a birthday party because people couldn't make it or dropped out at the last minute.

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Similarly, one in six were so keen not to miss out on a birthday party that they combined it with Christmas celebrations.

Lorna Brown, creative and brand director at Not On The High Street, said: “Amid the festive season chaos, those with December birthdays are easily forgotten, with their special day often arranged at the last minute." 

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