Death in Paradise star Ginny Holder teases Marlon’s fate after worrying sneak peek - exclusive

Death in Paradise s13,04-02-2024,Series,Darlene Curtis (GINNY HOLDER), Marlon Pryce (TAHJ MILES) ,Strictly Embargoed until 00:00:01 on Tuesday 30th Jan 2024,Red Planet Pictures,Denis Guyenon (Denis Guyenon)

Death in Paradise fans were somewhat alarmed when it appeared that Marlon was going to find himself in mortal danger in episode five - and we couldn’t resist taking our questions about what happens to him to Ginny Holder, who plays Darlene in the hit show.

Chatting to HELLO!’s Under the Palms, Ginny was very elusive about Marlon’s fate, joking: “A lot is going on in Death in Paradise, you’ll have to wait and see!” After being asked if he was going to die, she laughed and revealed that she was told by the show’s bosses not to divulge any information, saying, “It says on the email here, ‘DO NOT MENTION WHAT HAPPENS TO MARLON.’”

While Ginny isn’t giving us many clues, the episode’s synopsis might shed some light on the situation. The synopsis reads: “Things take a strange turn when Marlon receives a muffled call from his old boss Ray, claiming he’s been hurt.

Ginny and Ralf in Death in Paradise
Ginny and Ralf in Death in Paradise (Denis Guyenon)

“Arriving at the scene, Marlon is shocked to see Ray lying dead, and things get worse when he’s approached from behind and violently attacked… When DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and the team arrive on-site, they begin to wonder why Marlon is the person Ray called after three years.”

This isn’t the only mysterious on the show at the moment, as fans are also obsessed with learning the identity of ‘Sunset Chaser’, the mysterious person commenting on Neville’s Guadeloupe-based blog.

Death in Paradise 100th Episode, Darlene (GINNY HOLDER), Marlon Pryce (TAHJ MILES), Catherine Bordey  (ELIZABETH BOURGINE), Selwyn Patterson (DON WARRINGTON), Naomi Thomas  (SHANTOL JACKSON), DI Neville Parker (RALF LITTLE),100th Episode
Will Marlon be okay? (Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon)

Taking to Twitter to discuss, one person wrote: “Sunset Chaser is Florence. Yep, I’m in full delusion & wishful-thinking mode.” Another fan added: “Woah now this is a thought @deathinparadise. We're all thinking that Neville's commenter is a friend like Florence or Darlene but what if 'SunsetChaser' is someone more nefarious like Sophie from prison? . Or yet another Neville stalker?”

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Ginny alluded to finding out the truth about Sunset Chaser, telling HELLO!: “When that story reveals itself, it’s very funny. Sad for Neville. But Neville shows a lot of strength in the episode when it’s revealed! When it comes out you’ll see, it’s a good one - it’s a good episode! You won’t be able to imagine who this person is!”

Fans have been loving season 13, and it has already been confirmed that season 14 will be in the works, alongside the second season of the spin-off show Beyond Paradise, and another upcoming spin-off, Return to Paradise.

Naomi Thomas (SHANTOL JACKSON), Marlon Pryce (TAHJ MILES), Selwyn Patterson (DON WARRINGTON) and Catherine Bordey (ELIZABETH BOURGINE)
The next episode sees Marlon in trouble (Denis Guyenon)

The new six-part spin-off will be set in the beachside hamlet of Dolphin Cove, where London Met star Mackenzie Clarke returns to her home in Australia – and becomes embroiled in a murder investigation during her stay.