Death in Paradise season 13: will fan favourite character return?

Death in Paradise season 12 concluded on Friday night - but don’t before fans think it was hinted that a fan-favourite character could be making a comeback!

In the episode, Catherine reveals that her daughter Camille is pregnant, much to the delight of fans, with one writing: "NEV IS STAYING AND CAMILLE IS PREGNANT MY HEART IS SO HAPPY #DeathInParadise." Camille was previously one of the main characters in the show, working alongside Ben Miller’s DI Richard Poole, and returned for a special back in series 11 - so will she also be returning in season 13? We spoke to Shantol Jackson all about it…

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Revealing whether she’d like Sara Martins back on the show, Shantol told HELLO!: "Absolutely! I love Josephine [Jobert], I couldn't even say goodbye I was like, 'Leave me alone, I’ll talk to you later, don’t talk to me right now, I have to work!' So I love characters coming back."


Will Camille be back?

She continued: "Fan favourites, you always want to see them in specials or coming back for an episode or two - it keeps the fans excited! If she comes back I’ll obviously be very happy! I’m very new so it’d be lovely to have them back."

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Sara previously opened up about returning to the show, saying: "There are some characters that never leave you and I’m still Camille, wherever I go. After many years, people still reference and send their love to me as Camille, so it was obvious that I had to go back and the 10th anniversary is the perfect opportunity!


Will you be tuning into season 13?

"I want to celebrate the longevity of Death in Paradise. It was life-changing for me and I’m so grateful to the show. I feel like I’m going back home with new folks and old, to bring more fun and joy. I’m really happy to wear Camille’s 'twinkly-ness' again." Hopefully,d she’ll be wearing it again soon!

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