Death In Paradise fans uncover Don Gilet's forgotten role in show as he replaces Ralf Little

Don Gilet

BBC's Death In Paradise fans have discovered Don Gilet's previous role as he steps into Ralf Little's shoes. Don Gilet, known for his chilling portrayal of Walford serial killer Lucas Johnson in EastEnders, first appeared on the BBC One show in 2015, where he played a villain during Kris Marshall's tenure as detective Humphrey Goodman.

He was cast as a murderer who offed the owner of a rum distillery during a seance. Show bosses have revealed that Don will make his debut as the new detective in this year's Christmas special, before returning to the show for a fresh series in 2025.

While fans celebrated the move, applauding Don as the first black actor to take the lead role in the show, they also took to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to recall Don's original Death In Paradise appearance, reports the Mirror.

Don Gilet in 2015 in an episode of Death In Paradise
Don Gilet in 2015 in an episode of Death In Paradise -Credit:BBC

One fan wrote: "Ah ha was in Series 4 Ep1, got rid of 2 people! Think avid fans wouldn't notice! But welcome anyway Don Gilet, you're going to be brilliant, because you're such a fabulous actor. Have to admit some brilliant actors have passed through Death in Paradise."

Another commented: "I like him but I guess this throws contingency out the window", while a third added: "he's already been in it as a killer of his boss at a rum distillery... Why must TV shows keep doing this I love Death in Paradise but now I can't watch because I just see him in the part he played in it."

One fan mused over Don Gilet's former role and the possibility it could open doors for unexpected plot developments: "Are they going to acknowledge his previous involvement in the show, or just make him a new character? Twin maybe? ".

A perplexed viewer added: "Wasn't he a murderer in season 4? How they gonna explain that one? " While a third chimed in with: "Hasn't he already been a baddie in this? In the Mama Beth episode? ".

However, actors reprising different roles isn't unheard of; indeed, Don's predecessor Ralf had a guest spot on Death In Paradise six years before becoming DI Neville Parker.

In the upcoming series, Don will step into the shoes of Detective Inspector Mervin Wilson, having been considered a likely successor to Ralf. Despite some gripes from fans following news of his casting, Ralf couldn't be happier about his replacement.

In a post on his Instagram, he revealed: "I have actually known for a couple of weeks, but obviously couldn't say anything", before extending warm wishes to his successor.

"The new detective is the wonderful Don Gilet! And I just wanna say, from me to you, Don, I hope you have the most wonderful time. It's the most magical experience, and I just hope you just get everything out of it, and I wish you the best of luck. I'm absolutely sure you're going to be magnificent."