How to deal with re-entry anxiety

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Are you suffering from re-entry anxiety? As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease and our social calendars fill up again, it’s natural to feel worried.

Although many of us missed seeing friends and family during lockdown, and special events such as weddings, birthday parties and holidays were cancelled in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, it can feel a bit daunting to think of life returning to normal.

While it’s great to have social occasions to look forward to again, some people are experiencing concerns at the prospect of another change to their routine, and this has been dubbed re-entry anxiety.

Here lifestyle brand mind body green offers some advice to help you remain calm as your social life becomes more active.

Make time for quiet nights in

Although it can be tempting to accept every invitation to parties or dinners with loved ones, don’t feel you need to ramp up socialising too fast at first. It may take a while to feel comfortable spending time with people outside your household, so pace yourself and schedule regular quiet evenings at home to wind down and relax.

Set boundaries and don’t commit to too many things at once, as this will allow for a new, healthy social life.

Practice mindfulness

If the prospect of a busy social calendar is making you feel nervous, take time out to try meditation or yoga sessions. Doing these exercises regularly has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, so make sure you find some time in your busy schedule to just breathe and focus on your inner state of mind.

Consider the benefits of isolation

While many of us spent months longing to reconnect with loved ones in person, there are lessons to be learned from the pandemic. Quarantining made people slow down as parties were cancelled and gyms closed, and the go-slow way of life can be good for mental health. If you are feeling anxious at the prospect of life returning to normal, listen to your body and appreciate those quiet evenings and weekends at home.

Spend time outside

While many of us spent long periods of time inside our homes during the global health crisis, now the restrictions are relaxed don’t feel under pressure to spend every free moment socialising.

Instead, connect with nature and go for a walk, cycle or a run. Pack a picnic and take a book to your local park on a sunny afternoon, and make sure you turn your phone off to prevent any distractions.

While it can be enjoyable to meet friends for a picnic, it’s also beneficial to take time out alone.

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