Daywatch: Depression in infancy

Good morning, Chicago.

Did you know babies can get depressed?

Andria Goss, associate vice president of clinical and community services at the Erikson Institute, a graduate school for social work, early childhood education and child development programs, said people are astonished when they learn and appreciate that fact.

“Babies experience everything as a bodily feeling: If a parent is stressed, depressed and/or anxious, the baby is picking up on that,” she said. “Imagine a mom who has her own stresses and sometimes she’s able to focus on her baby and other times there’s an interaction, she’s angry, or not attuned to the baby, not doing the stuff that engages the baby. They have this on-off, on-off repeatedly. The baby doesn’t know what to do with that because the baby is working hard to get smiles, elicit cooing and it’s not happening. At a certain point, with all those failed attempts, the baby stops trying … and withdraws.”

Goss said that although that’s an extreme example, it illustrates how babies pick up stressors from their environment and don’t know what to do with them. When such interactions become chronic, that can create challenges in the parent-child relationship.

Read the full story from the Tribune’s Darcel Rockett.

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More Illinois health care facilities would have to report patient abuse, under new bill

Doctors’ offices and clinics affiliated with hospitals would have to report allegations of patient abuse to the state health department under a measure introduced by Illinois lawmakers this week — legislation that comes about three months after a Chicago Tribune investigation examined the issue.

US reaches a new clean energy milestone, with 5 million solar projects installed

The nation now has more than 5 million solar installations, most of them on residential rooftops, the Solar Energy Industries Association announced on Thursday.

The announcement comes just eight years after the nation reached 1 million installations, SEIA said in a news release.

Vice President Kamala Harris takes optimistic tone at fundraising event in Glencoe

A week after President Joe Biden’s latest campaign stop in Chicago, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared at a fundraiser in Glencoe, where she offered a message of hope for the Democratic ticket in November despite some polls that indicate otherwise.

Protesters plan Gaza-focused DNC march, won’t apply for Chicago permit

The organizers of many of Chicago’s biggest pro-Palestinian rallies are planning a march during this summer’s Democratic National Convention — and vowed Thursday not to apply for a city protest permit.

Former city staffer removed from do-not-hire list by Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration, appeals from two other Lightfoot holdovers remain pending

Josué Ortiz, who was the director of digital strategy in the mayor’s press office, was notified last month that his petition to get off the city’s “Ineligible for Rehire” list was approved. Ortiz was fired and hit with the no-hire status after he and others on his team complained about treatment by high-ranking Johnson officials.

But the two others slapped with the city government employment ban — Dora Meza and Azhley Rodriguez — confirmed to the Tribune that their appeals remained pending as of this week.

Illinois legislature approves measure to amend state biometric privacy law

Illinois’ biometric privacy law, which the state legislature passed in 2008, requires companies to gain consent before they collect and store biometric information such as fingerprints or retina scans. It’s considered the strictest such law in the country, in part because it allows individuals to sue over alleged violations. Companies that have been caught in the law’s crosshairs include Facebook, which paid out a $650 million settlement over its facial tagging feature, and Google, which settled a case over its facial grouping tool on Google Photos for $100 million.

White Sox takeaways as they head to Yankee Stadium, including who might be their All-Star representative

Only three years ago, a Chicago White Sox-New York Yankees affair merited national TV exposure in the first Field of Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa.

But that 2021 game, made famous by Tim Anderson’s walk-off home run into the cornfield, is a distant memory for the Sox, who enter this weekend’s series in New York at the start of another long rebuild.

Bears Q&A: How does Las Vegas view the over/under win total? What’s the game of the year on the schedule?

The Chicago Bears now know their 2024 schedule, and thoughts quickly turned toward what kind of record they might end up with.

Early odds show Las Vegas sees the Bears as right around a .500 team, and the Tribune’s Brad Biggs begins his weekly Bears mailbag with one analyst’s thoughts on that figure.

10 movies for summer: Sequels and reboots, but fingers crossed for a surprise

Like many recent summer movie seasons, but more so, sequels, reboots and spinoffs rule our screen world, writes Tribune critic Michael Phillips. Summer 2024 is the summer of colons or numbers in titles: “Inside Out 2.” The fourth “Bad Boys” movie, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” The fourth “Despicable Me.” The seventh “Alien,” not counting the Alien vs. Predator outings.

‘The Big Cigar’ review: When a Black Panther founder fled to Cuba with the help of a Hollywood producer

Developed by Jim Hecht (and based on a 2012 article by Joshuah Bearman), the series makes its intentions clear at the outset, with the voice of Newton, played by André Holland, offering a disclaimer: “The story I’m about to tell you is true. At least, mostly true. Or at least how I remember it. But it is coming through the lens of Hollywood, so let’s see how much of my story they’re really willing to show.” Tribune critic Nina Metz has this review.

What to do in Chicago: ‘Mortified Live,’ Holly Humberstone and open season for festivals

Also this weekend: Authors speak at the Writers Festival, CHIRP Music Film Fest screenings and Megan Thee Stallion concerts.