Davina McCall announced as host for 'middle-aged Love Island': 'I manifested it'

Davina McCall close up image. (Getty Images)
Davina McCall is set to host The Romance Retreat, a dating show for single parents. (Getty Images)

Davina McCall has revealed that she will be the host of a new ITV dating show dubbed the “middle-aged Love Island”.

Called The Romance Retreat, McCall, 55, said that it will be a dating show for single parents.

“I manifested and I made it happen. I willed there to be an amazing new dating programme for grown-ups, people who have lived a life, who have been through experiences, bad, moving, they've had tough lives,” she said in a video posted to Instagram.

“They've got luggage but they deserve love and it's happening. It's coming to ITV soon.”

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In a caption accompanying the post, McCall wrote: “This is a show for single parents who have lived a life, have stories to tell about their dating pasts and deserve another chance at love and I’m gonna help you.”

The television personality specified that the show will take place in a “romantic countryside location” and that they are still casting for the new series.

“If you want my help finding love and you have a child who is over 18, what are you waiting for??? (Particularly you eligible men .. where are you?!),” she added.

The series was initially announced by ITV in January but a host hasn’t been confirmed until now.

Applications close on March 31, and adult children can nominate their single parents to go on the show too.

The show has been referred to as a “middle-aged Love Island”, referencing the popular ITV dating show that sees twenty-somethings escape to Mallorca for the summer to vie for love – and a £50,000 cash prize.

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While it is not yet known whether The Romance Retreat will include a cash prize, the premise will be similar in that it will be a group of singletons looking for love.

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There were 113.505 divorces granted in England in 2021. (Getty Images)

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