David Beckham's kids are pretty much trolling him over his look and it's a bit savage

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Imagine being David Beckham. Mega-celebrity, style connoisseur, international heartthrob and one of the most decorated and well-known athletes in the world. All that, and your kids won't stop trolling you for your fashion choices. During a recent interview David revealed that his kids recently banned him from wearing certain clothes, telling him he's "too old". Savage!

David shares four children with wife Victoria, Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16, and Harper, 10, and apparently they've all inherited their parents' sartorial gifts. According to a recent interview they're pretty critical with their dad when it comes to his looks these days, and have even told him he's "too old" for some things.

"I put on a pair of trainers the other day and they were like, 'Really, Dad?' I was like, 'No!'

"Then I showed them 20 different pictures of me wearing other stuff and they were like, 'OK, maybe you can.'

Apparently, once the 46-year old had shown his kids some examples of his past - bold - fashion choices, they conceded on the trainers. Whether that's to stop him wearing head-t0-toe leather again (like he and Victoria did back in 1999), we can't know for sure.

This isn't the first time the Beckham kids have been less than keen on their dad's style choices. Back in July David posted a picture on Instagram of him with Romeo and Cruz following a trip to the hairdresser, and they don't look overjoyed to say the least...

Whatever the kids say Becks, nobody is ever too old to wear anything!

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