Dating coach on why she thinks rich, handsome men date plain women

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Anna Bey runs an online finishing school. [Photo: Getty]
Anna Bey runs an online finishing school. [Photo: Getty]

A dating coach, who teaches women how to be classy, dress like a lady and court the elite, has revealed why she thinks attractive men date plain women.

Swedish beauty Anna Bey runs an online finishing school called the School of Affluence, which helps women ‘achieve elegance and navigate the world of the high society’.

Anna, who is also the author and founder of, took to her site to reveal in a video the top reasons why she believes men date ‘below them’.

“Unattractiveness is of course relative. There are no women that are actually ugly, it’s just that we have particular beauty standards set and I am generalising it and talking about what’s conventional beauty,” Anna started the video.

“When people go against the conventional beauty norm, then that’s kind of what we’re investigating here.”

Is he insecure?

“I think it’s a little bit of a myth that women are more insecure than men. If you look around you will see that many men have a lot of insecurity, it’s just they don’t express these insecurities verbally as much as women do,” Anna said.

She claims the man might not realise ‘how much of a catch he is’ and so he ‘devalues himself’,

He then ends up ‘devaluing his criteria’ when he’s on the hunt for a partner, leaving him with someone on a ‘lower league’ .

He has jealousy issues

Anna believes attractive men pick less attractive women so they feel more secure in their relationship and can have control.

“He knows men aren’t going to be approaching her, she’s not going to cheat on him, she’s not going to just run off, so he can just relax and have peace of mind,” she said.

According to Anna, men can be insecure or have jealousy issues. Photo: Supplied
According to Anna, men can be insecure or have jealousy issues. Photo: Supplied

Beauty isn’t ‘one-size fits all’

Anna points out that men generally disagree when it comes to women’s beauty, with many having different preferences.

“You have to understand that not everybody thinks Angelina Jolie is beautiful and it’s really just an individual preference and choice,” she said.

“So a girl that is plain-looking and unattractive in some people’s eyes, might be actually very attractive in this man’s eyes.

According to Anna, some men mightn’t deem beauty as the number one trait when they’re looking for in a partner.

“Not all men are obsessed about beauty and looks,” she said. “Majority of men are, but not all of them.”

Anna believes that attractive men who are spotted out with less attractive women may value other traits, like her assertiveness, wisdom, intelligence or how she is in bed.

They want somebody with the same background

In the high society and old-money world, Anna says men value how well connected their potential partner is, as opposed to how she looks.

They also look for someone who comes from a well-educated background or the right family.

It’s all down to timing

Anna reckons plain women sometimes secure attractive men purely through good timing.

“If you manage to catch a man in the moment where he’s weak or vulnerable and you manage to reach his heart during this time, that’s usually when you are securing the guy.,” she said.

Anna claims the man might have vulnerable or weak and the woman swooped in and ‘caught him in that moment’ and hooked him regardless of how they looked.

Anna teaches women how to be classy, dress like a lady and date the elite. Photo: Supplied
Anna teaches women how to be classy, dress like a lady and date the elite. Photo: Supplied

The man is tired of being objectified

According to Anna, men in the high society can sometimes get sick of being objectified or stereotyped because of how they look. Anna calls those men ‘the rebels of the looks’.

“A lot of the times these guys have already dated models and celebrities, so they’ve tried it all and they’ve realised that a lot of the time all these beautiful girls are perhaps very self-obsessed, very shallow, not very intelligent and just really obsessed with wealth and status,” she said.

He’s a narcissist

Sometimes, men who date women who are less attractive than them are narcissists and want be the centre of attention in the relationship, according to Anna.

He’s a proper attention-seeker and doesn’t want to share that spotlight with anyone else but himself, so he choose a less attractive woman.

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