New dance classes come to Bluefield Parks and Recreation


Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — The new Bluefield Recreational Dance team performed its first recital Tuesday at the Granada Theater.

The recreational dance team was created by Justin Hawkins, program and special events coordinator of the Bluefield Parks and Recreation, after dance instructor Ashley Farmer suggested dance classes as an option for the recreation department after Covid.

The goal for Hawkins was to create an affordable dance class for children in the Mercer County area.

"Well, It was very easy to create because Ashley worked with us for four to five years and wanted to start classes,"Hawkins said. "So it made it easy for me to get it going."

"I have envisioned creating something like this for a very long time, making affordable dance in this area," Farmer said. "They (the kids) worked super hard. So we plan on doing this every semester. We'll have a summer dance camp and then start back in September."

Kristan Wimmer brought her daughter to the recreational dance classes for the affordability.

"She plays other sports, so with this she was able to incorporate other sports into her schedule, but it was also very affordable," Wimmer said. "She absolutely loves it. She met a lot of new kids, made new friends and she loves Miss Ashley."

Kynlee Wimmer performed a hard knock life, the billy, and a solo at the recital.

"I'm excited because I get to perform in front of many people," Wimmer said.

Eighteen kids performed on stage for residents attending the showing with 16 numbers and a couple of solos for beginner and intermediate students, according to Hawkins.

"We were very grateful for the venue for the kids to perform on because it's a historic stage and means a lot to the community," Hawkins said.

Dancer Olivia Cyrus performed at the recital and had enjoyed her experience dancing with Farmer.

"It is so awesome," Cyrus said. "My solo is a fun, happy dance. I love it."

Hawkins and Farmer hope to continue the recreational dance classes for those wishing to pursue dancing on a budget.