Dan Wooton responds to Prince Harry calling him a 'sad little man'

GB News presenter Dan Wooton delivered a 'takes one to know one' response to Prince Harry's 'sad little man' jibe while hosting on the fledgling news network.

Credit: @GBNEWS Via Twitter

Video transcript

DAN WOOTTON: I wasn't working in concert with the palace. I was breaking an internationally significant story clearly in the public interest as journalists should do. And I was working directly with his own communications secretary, giving them a week's notice of my plans. So I don't care how he can say whatever he wants about me. Actually there's a loads of people in this book who he spews venom and bile about proving he's actually a really unpleasant creature.

But I do need him to accept that journalists must be able to continue to hold public figures like him accountable. All of that said it's very clear to me who the very sad little man in this sorry saga is. It's the one who has trashed virtually every blood relative in the most vicious of fashion simply, because they tried to save him from himself.