Dame Zandra Rhodes shares top style tip

Dame Zandra Rhodes has shared her top fashion tip credit:Bang Showbiz
Dame Zandra Rhodes has shared her top fashion tip credit:Bang Showbiz

Dame Zandra Rhodes' top style tip is to embrace colour in later years.

The 83-year-old fashion designer - who is known for her bright pink hair 'do - has insisted the style-conscious shouldn't ditch colours as they get older - insisting "cheerful" brights are much more fun than than opting for a more neutral palette.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: "I find colour makes you feel good. I don’t think you should tone it down when you get older. It’s much better to be bright and cheerful and face the world."

She went on to talk about current fashion houses - worrying they are relying on lines of trainers and T-shirts to boost profits instead of pouring cash into creative designing.

Zandra added: "Some of the lines at the moment, it frightens me that they’re existing on sneakers and T-shirts. They’ve lost their true identity - through commercial greed, probably.

"They’re not definable in the same way. It’s almost as though none of them wants to stand out."

Zandra has put pen-to-paper to tell her story in a new memoir titled 'Iconic: My Life in Fashion in 50 Objects' in which she recalls her illustrious design career as well as her work with celebrity clients who have included the late Diana, Princess of Wales as well as Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Anjelica Houston and Freddie Mercury.

In the book, the style guru opens up about being asked to come up with a design for Diana's wedding dress - revealing she submitted a plan for a black and gold gown which was turned down by the Princess but was later worn by music icon Diana Ross.

She wrote of working with royal customers: "My designs, for all their feminine romance, were still bold, unique and attention-grabbing. I had bright pink hair and could hardly be considered the typically genteel sort of designer normally found working with princesses."

Zandra added of Diana: "'Happy' wasn’t a word I would have associated with her, but she was very warm ... Diana got a raw deal. You can have all the riches in the world, but if you don’t have love, or don’t feel loved, you have very little."