Dame Helen Mirren always wears make-up

Dame Helen Mirren always wears make-up.

The 76-year-old actress admitted she never goes bare-faced, even at home, as it makes her feel better to have some make-up on.

She told The Mail On Sunday's You magazine: "In days of COVID I put make-up on every day even though it was just me and my husband and he didn’t care about it. He absolutely didn’t care. But I did it for myself. So when I happened to be walking past a mirror I thought: ‘Oh yeah, you look OK.’ I’m not a big one for a lot of foundation but mascara and lipstick are great.

"I love make-up and I’m probably at my happiest sitting putting it on. But one of my rules is: put it on, then take half of it off.

"A good tip I was given is to open your refrigerator and pop your face in for 30 seconds after doing your make-up – to cool and set it.

"I do love a suntan. My excuse is I’ve got to get my vitamin D. I try to be more careful now, because as you get older you start to see the effects, and you say: ‘I see, that’s what they were talking about."

And Helen also likes to do her own nails at home.

She said: "I do my nails at home. I go to nail bars occasionally, but I don’t like them – I am always suspicious that girls are trafficked and it makes me feel uncomfortable. When I go to the Cannes Film Festival we have a fantastic manicurist."