Actress praised for wearing £5 bin bag dress to BAFTA TV Awards

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

Last night’s BAFTA TV Awards saw celebrities don their best fashion looks for the red carpet.

However, one actress used a totally different tactic to stand out.

‘This Country’ star Daisy May Cooper made a red carpet statement in a gown made from a bin bag.

“[I’m wearing] a sixteen litre bin bag…,” the star of the BBC Three mockumentary series told press at the event.

It cost "about £5", she added.

Daisy May Cooper arrives at the BAFTA TV Awards in her bin bag look. [Photo: Getty]
Daisy May Cooper at the BAFTA Television Awards 2019.

Cooper’s bin bag dress represented a lot more than just a zany departure from style norms.

The actress saved on her look so that she might donate money to the less fortunate.

"The reason I'm wearing this is if I wore a normal dress, that would cost a lot of money and I thought I'd donate that money to a local food bank and wear bin bags instead,” she explained.

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Twitter users have praised Cooper for her unusual style and the charitable rationale behind it.

This isn’t the first out-there red carpet ensemble Cooper has worn.

Daisy May Cooper with Charlie Cooper at the BAFTA Television Awards 2018.

At last year’s BAFTA TV Awards, she wore an asymmetric red dress fashioned from a Swindon football shirt.