Daisy Lowe is suffering some very relatable pregnancy struggles

daisy lowe pregnant swimsuit photo
Daisy Lowe shows off baby bump in swimsuit selfieGetty / Instagram

Daisy Lowe has given an insight into her pregnancy with a picture of her growing bump via Instagram.

The model posted the picture over the weekend, dressed in a green swimming costume, posing with her five month bump in a mirror - looking just as gorgeous as usual.

Daisy, who is the daughter of Pearl Lowe and singer Gavin Rossdale, announced her pregnancy in October, with a sweet picture of her and a message saying: 'I wanted to share some news with you- Jordan & I are having a baby. We are absolutely bursting at the seams with happiness.'

However, the message she did also admit: 'I’m oscillating wildly between excitement & nervousness with a dash of morning sickness thrown in for good measure!'

While this isn't the only update about her pregnancy she's shared - talking about her fitness regime and also how she's been feeling during the pregnancy she took to Instagram in an honest post last month.

The ex-strictly star, who was known for loving her workouts, shared a picture in fitness clothes and admitted it was the first time she'd completed a tough workout for ages.

After gushing about how excited she was to become a mum, she also wrote honestly: 'I just wanted to add to all this wonder that my goodness it can be pretty tough being pregnant!

'I don’t think women talk enough about the insane ups and downs hormonally, the nausea, the growing pains, the sleepless nights, the exhaustion… I wouldn’t change it for the world & I know it’s for the greatest cause ever but I just wanted to share my experience… because what else have we got but shared experience?'

Fans of the mum-to-be loved her honesty, with one commenting on the post: 'Two weeks behind you Daisy so it’s so good to hear someone else going through this. No one ever talks of the lack of sleep. I’m like a zombie!!' Yep - we get you too.

While another gave her some encouragement, saying: 'It’s such an amazing time in your life. One that you will look back on in awe of yourself when you look down at your baby in your arms.' How sweet!

Daisy, who performed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016, also announced her engagement to boyfriend Jordan in September. We can't wait to see them as a family of three in the New Year.

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