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Highly recommended dual air fryer now only £99: ‘Fastest meals I've ever made’

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Daewoo's double-drawer air fryer is currently on sale for just £99.99. (Robert Dyas)

We're sure you know by now the benefits of owning an air fryer, but if you don't, let's have a quick recap...

Air fryers are clever kitchen appliances which speed up cooking times and allow you to whip up tasty meals using less oil.

They're also cheaper to run than traditional electric ovens, costing as little as 17p per day.

Dual basket air fryers are the crème de la crème of air fryers however, thanks to their two compartments which can cook an entire meal in one go, whether that's salmon and veggies, fish and chips or even a roast dinner.

As a result though, they're not cheap and can cost well over £150 to bag yourself one.

So when we spotted Daewoo's 8L XL Digital Double Dual Drawer Air Fryer on sale for less than £100 at Robert Dyas, we couldn't wait to share.

Reduced from £239.99, it's an absolute steal you won't want to miss out on.

It has a huge eight-litre capacity – perfect for cooking dinner for the whole family. (Robert Dyas)
It has a huge eight-litre capacity – perfect for cooking dinner for the whole family. (Robert Dyas)

Why we rate it

Perfect for larger families, the Daewoo 8L XL Digital Double Dual Drawer Air Fryer is designed with two four-litre cooking drawers. Its giant capacity means you can cook for a whole household without having to face a huge washing up pile afterwards.

It rapidly circulates hot air throughout each drawer to evenly and thoroughly cook chips, chicken, fish, veggies and even cake, using little to no oil – making it a healthier way to cook your regular meals too.

Our favourite feature has to be the Sync Finish and Dual Cooking setting, which mean you can match the end time of your food, so they'll be ready to serve at exactly the same time.

In total, it offers eight cooking functions, from roast and fry to dehydrate and bake, with over-heat protection, a child safety lock and a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

What the reviews say

Unsurprisingly, the Daewoo 8L XL Digital Double Dual Drawer Air Fryer has plenty of five-star ratings from satisfied shoppers. Here's what some had to say:

  • "We purchased this just over a week ago and are ever so pleased we did. So far we have done a small joint if pork, fish & fish dishes, chips, roasties and jacket potatoes, chicken Kiev and small items such as frozen mini spring rolls."

  • "This air fryer has made some of the fastest meals I've ever made would definitely recommend."

  • "I got this and it is amazing, have not used my cooker for 4 months now as I cook everything in it, would recommend this to anyone."

  • "Bought as a low-energy addition to the oven. It is very efficient for quickly heating a wide variety of items... brilliant for reheating as well as cooking from scratch."

Buy it now: Daewoo SDA2310GE 8L XL Digital Double Dual Drawer Air Fryer | £99.99 (Was £239.99) from Robert Dyas

£99.99 £239.99 at Robert Dyas

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