Dad’s Video Eating Lunch Under A Blanket Perfectly Calls Out Breastfeeding Shamers

A dad has made a video in support of breastfeeding mums [Photo: Facebook/Brock Smith]

Picture the scene. You’re a new mum. You’re out for lunch. Your baby is hungry. Actually make that Hangry. You’re breastfeeding, so you whip out your scarf/blanket/cover-up of choice and stick your head under the blanket, desperately trying to coax them to latch on and feed, while you try not to pass out with the stress and heat of it all.

And all so you don’t offend the anti-BFing in public brigade.

But one supportive dad has decided to call out breastfeeding shamers everywhere by making a snarky video to illustrate just how ridiculous it is to insist nursing mums cover up while feeding.

Brock Smith, from Florida, made a short film of himself trying to eat his lunch in a restaurant with a white cover-up over his head. Designed to highlight how woman are often expected to cover up while nursing their babies, the video takes a swipe at those who find it ‘offensive’ to breastfeed in public.

Brock Smith is sticking up for breastfeeding mothers everywhere [Photo: Facebook/Brock Smith]

Taking to Facebook to share the video, the dad wrote:

“As a dad and a husband…I’ve had enough of this asinine argument. D Lauren Smith and I are starting a movement…Just sayin.”

The video shows the dad struggling to eat his lunch draped in a blanket, and tries to show how silly it is to think a baby should nurse that way to avoid offending anyone.

He tells the camera, “I wish I didn’t have to eat with a blanket over my head. Maybe I should just go sit in the toilet.”

Since uploading the video has been shared to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page and has since garnered more than 145K views and received hundreds of comments from parents wanting to add their support to help shut down breastfeeding shamers.

“I think this is a great video,” one woman wrote. “People wouldn’t eat with a sheet over their head so why do they expect us to do that to our babies while we breastfeed.”

“I have tried a cover and sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. But I refuse to stop living my life. People who are with me will not see more of my breasts than they would if I were on a bathing suite,” added another.

Many breastfeeding mums have been shamed for nursing in public [Photo: Rex Features]

One commentator asked if it was a negative experience that prompted the dad to make the video.

“Haha no but Lauren and I always talk about it,” he responded. “How women have to feel anxious when feeding their babies when they’re out and about. Like I said to another person’s comment… we would never not cover Lauren up… but the ignorance of some people just prompted the idea.”

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