This dad's gesture to his daughter before her first leg wax is winning the internet

A painful gesture too [Photo: Pexels]

When you get your first leg wax, you know that it’s probably going to hurt, but that the only way to find out is just to do it.

But imagine if your dad went on a trial run for you first?

This happened to one redditor who, when she decided she wanted to get her legs waxed aged 16, had one concerned dad.

So concerned, in fact, that he booked a waxing appointment for himself to check that she’d be okay having it done.

User carlinha1289 recalled on Reddit that at the time, her dad said he’d “do some research and book an appointment”, after which he told her that she was allowed to do it – but not on her upper legs.

Waxing isn’t exactly comfortable, is it? [Photo: Pexels]

Over a decade later during a visit back home, the same waxer revealed that as part of his “research”, he’d gone to have his legs waxed himself.

“After all the catch up we did (a good five years!) she said she had to tell me something,” carlinha1289 said.

“She told me that before my first appointment, my dad had called her and booked an appointment for himself.

“He spoke to her about her techniques and whatnot.

She wanted her legs done in time for prom [Photo: Pexels]

“He requested a full leg shave and she was happy to oblige.”

After it was done, despite the fact he “really didn’t enjoy any of it”, her dad booked an appointment for his daughter – but the next day discovered he had bruising on his upper legs and that it hurt.

“The waxer said it was possible and somewhat common, so he vetoed the upper leg for me,” carlinha1289 explained.

“The thing is, this is exactly like my dad. It’s something he would do and it’s something he’d probably never ever tell me he did.

She only found out over a decade later [Photo: Pexels]

“It was just another reminder of how thoughtful he is and always was.”

And other Reddit users have praised her dad for his noble gesture.

“Man this is incredible. He went through it himself to make sure it’d be ok for you. That’s parenthood right there,” one said.

Another put: “Dad of the year award??”

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