Dad Shares Video of Teens at Trampoline Park — Why the Clip Instantly Went Viral (Exclusive)

"I noticed the boys playing with him probably a few minutes after they began," the dad tells PEOPLE

<p>TikTok/thebeardedbard</p> Josh (@thebeardedbard) left; his son and two teens


Josh (@thebeardedbard) left; his son and two teens

A dad is going viral on TikTok after sharing a video in which two teen boys took it upon themselves to play with his 7-year-old son at a Billings, Montana, trampoline park.

Josh — who goes by the name @thebeardedbard on TikTok — tells PEOPLE that he was watching five other children (three of his own and two kids of a friend) at Get Air Trampoline Park when he took his eyes off his son briefly.

When he looked back, he saw the boy had begun jumping on one of the trampolines alone, but had been quickly joined by two older, teenaged boys.

"I noticed the boys playing with him probably a few minutes after they began," Josh, 33, says.

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<p>TikTok/thebeardedbard</p> @thebeardedbard



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He then took out his phone and started filming, ultimately sharing the video to TikTok, along with his commentary of the special moment.

In the video, the two older boys can be seen helping Josh's son bounce higher, try to flip and even assisting him when it appears he might fall.

"They stayed with him ... for probably 45 minutes," Josh says in the video. "And every time they did all the jumping with him, they made sure to catch him if he was going to fall. They were right on top of it."

And while his son was thrilled to be included by the older boys, the teenagers seemed to be having just as much fun.

<p>TikTok/thebeardedbard</p> TikTok/thebeardedbard



"They had the best time. They were cracking up the whole time, and helping him bounce higher. At one point, I think they were trying to help him flip. It was amazing," Josh says in the video shared to TikTok.

Elsewhere in the video, Josh says that the teens helped to set a good example for his own son — demonstrating the impact that kindness can have on the younger generation.

"Those boys did not have to entertain my kid at all. That's my job to entertain my kid," he says, adding: "This is the kind of people we need to be raising more of."

<p>TikTok/thebeardedbard</p> TikTok/thebeardedbard



One of the teenagers has since seen Josh's video, taking to the comments section to write, "Thank you, it was a very fun time!"

The teenager's mom also weighed in, writing, "That's my son!!!!!" and adding, "makes me so proud" along with a message for her son: "good job."

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