Dad-to-be Harry's adorable moment with baby at children's ballet class

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
This is just the sweetest thing ever. [Photo: Getty]

He is just weeks away from becoming a dad, but we all already knew how good Prince Harry is with kids.

The Duke has shared another adorable moment with a little tot, making her giggle, while attending a children’s ballet class.

If the photos aren’t enough to melt your heart, the video definitely will get you there.

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Prince Harry visited a YMCA in London on Wednesday to talk about youth mental health, and while he was there he went to a ballet class for children aged four to six years old.

Prince Harry joined a ballet class this week. [Photo: Getty]
He showed off some moves and clearly looked to be having fun. [Photo: Getty]

Clearly enjoying himself, the dad-to-be showed off some of his own moves, before he crouched down to say hi to little Naz and her mother Maria Ahmad.

He also spoke with Maria about how she’d been doing after her daughter’s birth.

“Sleeping?” he asked her, according to People.

“Sometimes,” Maria replied.

“I love that face,” the royal added after giving the three-month-old a little tickle.

He then shared a super adorable moment with three-month-old Naz. Photo: Getty

Twitter understandably loved how comfortable Harry is with babies, gushing over how good he is going to be as a dad.

“Prince of charm, even a 3-month-old baby can’t help but smile with him,” one person tweeted.

“He is the male version of Diana,” another suggested. To which many agreed: “I was searching for a description and you nailed it!”

“Can hardly wait for Prince Harry to become a father. He’s going to be great,” was another response.

“He’s just so lovely and comfortable with babies.”

No more baby news

The world is holding its breath for the arrival of the Harry and Meghan’s first child, but we still don’t know where Meghan is planning to have her baby, and it looks like we won’t be told when either.

Bucking the tradition set by Kate and Wills, Harry and Meghan have been notoriously vague about their due date, and that won’t change before the baby arrives according to a royal expert.

While Prince Louis’ due date was announced as April 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left it open saying simply that the baby was due to arrive in Spring.

The world awaits news of the royal baby. Photo: Getty

The Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter told Yahoo UK‘s ‘The Royal Box‘  that we shouldn’t expect to find out anymore about the due date until it’s upon us.

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He said the location of the baby’s birth will be down to logistics, most notably the timing of the birth.

“At the end of the day they’re going to decide (a hospital) based on when the baby is due – what time Meghan has to go into hospital, and the media won’t know until she’s actually in hospital,” he revealed.