This dad built a playhouse for his kids and it's nicer than most flats in London

The treehouse is 24 feet tall. (Flashes of Life photography)

Remember the endless days of your childhood? Running around outside, ‘playing out’ with all the kids who lived down your road, and spending day after day in the sunshine? Looking back, we have no idea how we managed to stay amused with only nature to keep us company, but we certainly got by without all of the gadgets on the market for kids nowadays.

The family spend time in the playhouse everyday. (Flashes of Life photography)

Which is why it’s so nice to see that some of the kids of today are still doing all of these wholesome things – albeit on a slightly more advanced level. We’re thinking about one dad in particular here, who decided to build a playhouse for his two daughters, Avery and Violet.

But unlike the standard playhouse, (we’re talking cardboard walls, some freshly picked flowers for decoration and perhaps a stool if we were lucky) this dad took his creation to the next level.

It’s two storeys high and even has a slide at the back. (Flashes of Life photography)

At 24 feet high, it stands on two separate levels and is arguably better stocked than the average London flat. It’s decorated better, too.

The back of the house has a slide, swing set and more. (Flashes of Life photography)

At first glance, you could definitely be forgiven for thinking that this was a real house with actual, grown up people inhabiting it. But nope, it was made simply for his two kids to enjoy.

We don’t know if there’s an official award for Best Dad, but if there is then Adam Boyd, who lives in Highland, Michigan, definitely deserves it.

Let’s not ignore the fact that this playhouse is a lot nicer than half the places we’ve seen in London. (Flashes of Life photography)

Boyd, who is president of Atb Building Inc, uploaded a selection of photos of the house onto Facebook, where it quickly attracted a lot of attention. Currently, the post has been shared almost 50,000 times, so it seems we’re not the only ones comparing our tiny house-shares to this intricately decorated play space.

The girls love spending time in the house. (Flashes of Life photography)

We might now be slightly too old for a playhouse, but we wouldn’t say no to moving into this one. With all of the amenities we need (and we’re sure the wifi could reach from the main house) it might even be an upgrade to our current living circumstances.

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