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'Cuts like a hot knife through butter': These powerful Fiskars pruning shears are down to just $14

Great for trimming in the garden or clipping fresh flowers, these No. 1 bestselling snippers have 34,000+ five-star fans.

If you're a seasoned gardener, I don't need to tell you that having a great set of pruning shears will help you create magical landscapes. But if you're new to the wild world of home horticulture, I've found a tool that can turn a jungle into a primrose path: Amazon's No. 1 bestselling Fiskars Pruning Shears. I own them and I'm completely obsessed. Keep reading to see why they're a cut above, and with the price slashed to just $14, why you should grab a pair too.

These shears have an ergonomic design with a nonslip grip, and the all-steel blade has a rust-resistant coating.

$14 at Amazon
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$14 at Lowe's$18 at Ace Hardware

These pruning shears are just $14, down from $21 — that's a solid one-third off for this garden essential. Trust me, if you have a green thumb, you'll want to add them to your cart right away. And if you don't have a green thumb yet, these shears will help you get one.

I live in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, so I don’t have my own garden. But I love buying flowers from my local market. For years, I tried using regular scissors to snip the stems, and I'd get so frustrated because no matter how much force I used, they wouldn’t snap smoothly.

Finally, I found these fantastic Fiskars shears at Amazon. I've owned them for a few years now, and they work perfectly every single time. They have a soft nonslip grip, and due to the shears’ low-friction coating, they easily glide through wood and resist rust. Experienced gardeners say they cut like a "hot knife through butter." That makes them easy to use, even if you can't garden like you used to because of arthritis or decreased grip strength.

The self-cleaning sap groove helps keep the blade from sticking to sap or debris — a big selling point for experienced gardeners. I especially love the easy-lock notch that keeps them closed when I'm not using them, and other gardeners appreciate that too.

Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears
These Fiskars pruning shears will help you get your yard in shape. Snap up these snippers for just $14. (Amazon)

There are over 34,500 five-star ratings for this No. 1 bestseller, so you know you've stumbled on something special.

"Arthritis has no more power over me," shared a happy shopper. "I was unable to use the larger cutting tools because I have nasty arthritis, but with the Fiskars, it's snip and snip and snip, most times for larger diameter plants too. I am ordering another one today. Yes, it's that good."

"I was looking for a nicer pair of shears after my old ones broke," wrote another five-star fan. "OMG! What an upgrade. These shears are effortless to use. Makes my pruning chores so much easier on my hands. Makes it more enjoyable with less hand fatigue. They are also well built and I expect them to last a very, very long time."

"Very sharp, provides an easy, clean cut," shared a third delighted shopper. "Being able to quickly lock the pruners and slip them into a pocket was very convenient."

Buyers say they wish these valuable garden helpers weren't quite so easy to misplace. According to this reviewer: "The only thing I wish is that they had bright-colored grips because I lay them down in the yard frequently and lose them temporarily."

"Always good to have an extra around," another agreed. "I lose them and buy a couple pair every year."

The easy-lock feature keeps these shut tight when they aren't in use. Plus, the shears come with a lifetime warranty.

$14 at Amazon
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$14 at Lowe's$18 at Ace Hardware

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