Make the Cutest Tie Napkin!

a napkin folded into the shape of a tie set on a plate
You Can Make a Napkin Shaped Like a Tie!Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Follow the below tk steps to wow dad on father's day morning with your crafting skills! When he sits down to his father's day breakfast he is going to be so happy and impressed with your crafting an decorating skills.

Lay the Napkin Flat on a Surface

Start by laying an ironed square napkin flat on a surface.

a napkin laying flat on a white surface
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Make Your First Fold

Fold the bottom left corner of the napkin up so that the corner is a little beyond the center.

tie napkin fold step 2
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Fold in the Right Corner

Fold the right hand corner of the napkin to the left until the right hand edge aligns with the left hand edge.

napkin fold step 3
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Fold the Left Side Again

Fold the left side in again until the bottom left hand point just about aligns with the bottom most point of the napkin.

napkin fold step 4
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Fold the Left Side Again

Fold the right side in just until the bottom triangle look evenly shaped.

napkin fold step 5
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Start Creating the Top Knot

Fold the top third of the napkin at an angle from left to right.

fold the left side again
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Turn the Napkin Over

Carefully turn the napkin over maintaining all of your folds.

napkin fold step 6
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Continue Folding the Top Knot

Fold the top piece over to the right until the fold is tight to the left hand side of the tie.

napkin fold step 7
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Fold the Tail Under

Fold the tail under and down, creating the ties knot.

napkin fold step 8
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

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